Geofest 2017-20th May to 4th June!

The next Fforest Fawr Geopark Festival returns over the course of 16 days from Saturday 20th May to Sunday 4th June! Visit here to stay updated and to book your tickets!

geofest e


Highlights include:

1. Tuesday 30 May 2017   10am – 4.00pm
Carreg Cennen to Garreg Las

An exploration of the wildlife and landscape near Carreg Cennen Castle via the Beacons Way, through limestone and sandstone territory visiting the best example in the park of geology influencing vegetation.

  • Start: Carreg Cennen Castle car park  (OS grid ref SN 666193)  SA19 6UA
  • Distance/time: 8km / 5 miles            6 hours
  • Ascent/grade: 290m / 950ft              Moderate
  • Cost: £6
  • Dogs: sorry – no dogs on this wildlife walk

Book your place on this walk now through Eventbrite.

2. Thursday 1st June 2017       1.30pm – 5pm
Wildlife with a View

A walk with Brecknock Wildlife Trust exploring the natural history of Craig y Rhiwarth and the Allt Rhongyr nature reserve.

  • Start: Craig-y-nos Country Park  (OS grid ref SO 840155)  SA9 1GL
  • Distance/time: 5.5km / 3.5 miles         3.5 hours
  • Ascent/grade: 225m / 700ft                  Moderate
  • Cost: £4
  • Dogs: sorry – no dogs on this wildlife walk

Book your place on this walk now through Eventbrite.

3. Friday 2nd June 2017       10am – 4pm
A Walk with the National Trust in the Central Beacons

A walk in partnership with the Brecon Beacons Park Society (BBPS) and the National Trust via Cefn Cwm Llwch, Pen y Fan, Corn Du and visiting Llyn Cwm Llwch before returning around Twyn y Dyfnant. Join Rob Reith, the Trust’s lead ranger, to explore the landscape, history, management and conservation of this special place.

  • Start: National Trust’s Cwm Gwdi car park  (OS grid ref SO 024247)
  • Distance/time: 13km / 8miles        6 hours
  • Ascent/grade:  600m / 2000ft        Energetic
  • Cost: £6 for non-BBPS members
  • Dogs: well-behaved dogs on short leads welcome

Book your place on this walk now through Eventbrite.

4. Saturday 3rd June 2017       10.30am – 3.30pm
A Circuit of Circles

An exploration of a newly aligned section of the Beacons Way in a lesser visited part of the Black Mountain, visiting Blaenllynfell, Cefn y Cylchau and Cefn Truman. Plenty of circular depressions along the way.

  • Start: top car park, Black Mountain quarries  (OS grid ref SN 732187)
  • Distance/time: 8km / 5 miles         5 hours
  • Ascent/grade: 260m / 850ft            Moderate
  • Cost: £6
  • Dogs: well-behaved dogs on short leads welcome

Book your place on this walk now through Eventbrite.

All walks can be found here!

geofest w

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Kevin Walker Mountain Activities-2017 Course Programme

#GetInspired this Walking Wednesday and book onto a course with Kevin Walker Mountain Activities! The landscape of the #BreconBeacons will be bought to life with stories that will make you look at your surroundings in a new light, as well as learning new skills and navigation techniques to make you more confident in our mountains!

APRILslider Image

Tue/Wed 25/26 Apr – Mountain & Moorland Navigation

Tue 25 Apr @ 10:00am – Map Interpretation

Wed 26 Apr @ 10.00am – Micro-navigation & Poor Visibility Techniques


Tue/Wed 9/10 May – Relocation Skills

Tue 9 May @ 10.00am – Contour Recognition

Wed 10 May @ 10.00am – Improvised Navigation Techniques

Fri/Mon 12/15 May – Hillwalkers’ Confidence courseslider Image

Fri/Mon 12/15 May – Trekking & Trail Walking Skills

Fri 12 May @ 10.00am – Hillwalking Basics

Sat/Sun 13/14 May – Mountain & Moorland Navigation

Sat 13 May @ 10:00am – Map Interpretation

Sun 14 May @ 10.00am – Micro-navigation & Poor Visibility Techniques

Mon 15 May @ 10.00am – Steep Ground Skills

Mon/Thu 22/25 May – Hillwalkers’ Confidence course

Mon/Thu 22/25 May – Trekking & Trail Walking Skills

Mon 22 May @ 10.00am – Hillwalking Basics

Tue/Wed 23/24 May – Mountain & Moorland Navigation

Tue 23 May @ 10:00am – Map Interpretation

Wed 24 May @ 10.00am – Micro-navigation & Poor Visibility Techniques

Thu 25 May @ 10.00am – Steep Ground Skills


Tue/Wed 6/7 Jun – Relocation Skillsslider Image

Tue 6 Jun @ 10.00am – Contour Recognition

Wed 7 Jun @ 10.00am – Improvised Navigation Techniques

Fri/Mon 9/12 Jun – Hillwalkers’ Confidence course

Fri/Mon 9/12 Jun – Trekking & Trail Walking Skills

Fri 9 Jun @ 10.00am – Hillwalking Basics

Sat/Sun 10/11 Jun – Mountain & Moorland Navigation

Sat 10 Jun @ 10:00am – Map Interpretation

Sun 11 Jun @ 10.00am – Micro-navigation & Poor Visibility Techniques

Mon 12 Jun @ 10.00am – Steep Ground Skills

Mon/Thu 19/22 Jun – Hillwalkers’ Confidence course

Mon/Thu 19/22 Jun – Trekking & Trail Walking Skills

Mon 19 Jun @ 10.00am – Hillwalking Basics

Tue/Wed 20/21 Jun – Mountain & Moorland Navigation

Tue 20 Jun @ 10:00am – Map Interpretation

Wed 21 Jun @ 10.00am – Micro-navigation & Poor Visibility Techniques

Thu 22 Jun @ 10.00am – Steep Ground Skills

Sat/Sun 24/25 Jun – Relocation Skills

Sat 24 Jun @ 10.00am – Contour Recognition

Sun 25 Jun @ 10.00am – Improvised Navigation Techniques


Tue/Wed 4/5 Jul – Relocation Skills

Tue 4 Jul @ 10.00am – Contour Recognition

Wed 5 Jul @ 10.00am – Improvised Navigation Techniques

Fri/Mon 7/10 Jul – Hillwalkers’ Confidence courseslider Image

Fri/Mon 7/10 Jul – Trekking & Trail Walking Skills

Fri 7 Jul @ 10.00am – Hillwalking Basics

Sat/Sun 8/9 Jul – Mountain & Moorland Navigation

Sat 8 Jul @ 10:00am – Map Interpretation

Sun 9 Jul @ 10.00am – Micro-navigation & Poor Visibility Techniques

Mon 10 Jul @ 10.00am – Steep Ground Skills

Mon/Thu 17/20 Jul – Hillwalkers’ Confidence course

Mon/Thu 17/20 Jul – Trekking & Trail Walking Skills

Mon 17 Jul @ 10.00am – Hillwalking Basics

Tue/Wed 18/19 Jul – Mountain & Moorland Navigation

Tue 18 Jul @ 10:00am – Map Interpretation

Wed 19 Jul @ 10.00am – Micro-navigation & Poor Visibility Techniques

Thu 20 Jul @ 10.00am – Steep Ground Skills

Sat/Sun 22/23 Jul – Relocation Skills

Sat 23 Jul @ 10.00am – Contour Recognition

Sun 24 Jul @ 10.00am – Improvised Navigation Techniques


Tue/Wed 8/9 Aug – Relocation Skills

Tue 8 Aug @ 10.00am – Contour Recognition

Wed 9 Aug @ 10.00am – Improvised Navigation Techniques

Fri/Mon 11/14 Aug – Hillwalkers’ Confidence courseslider Image

Fri/Mon 11/14 Aug – Trekking & Trail Walking Skills

Fri 11 Aug @ 10.00am – Hillwalking Basics

Sat/Sun 12/13 Aug – Mountain & Moorland Navigation

Sat 12 Aug @ 10:00am – Map Interpretation

Sun 13 Aug @ 10.00am – Micro-navigation & Poor Visibility Techniques

Mon 14 Aug @ 10.00am – Steep Ground Skills

Mon/Thu 21/24 Aug – Hillwalkers’ Confidence course

Mon/Thu 21/24 Aug – Trekking & Trail Walking Skills

Mon 21 Aug @ 10.00am – Hillwalking Basics

Tue/Wed 22/23 Aug – Mountain & Moorland Navigation

Tue 22 Aug @ 10:00am – Map Interpretation

Wed 23 Aug @ 10.00am – Micro-navigation & Poor Visibility Techniques

Thu 24 Aug @ 10.00am – Steep Ground Skills


Tue/Wed 5/6 Sep – Relocation Skills

Tue 5 Sep @ 10.00am – Contour Recognition

Wed 6 Sep @ 10.00am – Improvised Navigation Techniques

Fri/Mon 8/11 Sep – Hillwalkers’ Confidence course

Fri/Mon 8/11 Sep – Trekking & Trail Walking Skills

Fri 8 Sep @ 10.00am – Hillwalking Basics

Sat/Sun 9/10 Sep – Mountain & Moorland Navigation

Sat 9 Sep @ 10:00am – Map Interpretation

Sun 10 Sep @ 10.00am – Micro-navigation & Poor Visibility Techniques

Mon 11 Sep @ 10.00am – Steep Ground Skillsslider Image

Mon/Thu 18/21 Sep – Hillwalkers’ Confidence course

Mon/Thu 18/21 Sep – Trekking & Trail Walking Skills

Mon 18 Sep @ 10.00am – Hillwalking Basics

Tue/Wed 19/20 Sep – Mountain & Moorland Navigation

Tue 19 Sep @ 10:00am – Map Interpretation

Wed 20 Sep @ 10.00am – Micro-navigation & Poor Visibility Techniques

Thu 21 Sep @ 10.00am – Steep Ground Skills

Sat/Sun 23/24 Sep – Relocation Skills

Sat 23 Sep @ 10.00am – Contour Recognition

Sun 24 Sep @ 10.00am – Improvised Navigation Techniques


Tue/Wed 3/4 Oct – Relocation Skills

Tue 3 Oct @ 10.00am – Contour Recognition

Wed 4 Oct @ 10.00am – Improvised Navigation Techniques

Fri/Mon 6/9 Oct – Hillwalkers’ Confidence course

Fri/Mon 6/9 Oct – Trekking & Trail Walking Skills

Fri 6 Oct @ 10.00am – Hillwalking Basics

Sat/Sun 7/8 Oct – Mountain & Moorland Navigation

Sat 7 Oct @ 10:00am – Map Interpretation

Sun 8 Oct @ 10.00am – Micro-navigation & Poor Visibility Techniques

Mon 9 Oct @ 10.00am – Steep Ground Skills

Mon/Thu 16/19 Oct – Hillwalkers’ Confidence course

Mon/Thu 16/19 Oct – Trekking & Trail Walking Skills

Mon 16 Oct @ 10.00am – Hillwalking Basics

Tue/Wed 17/18 Oct – Mountain & Moorland Navigation

Tue 17 Oct @ 10:00am – Map Interpretation

Wed 18 Oct @ 10.00am – Micro-navigation & Poor Visibility Techniques

Thu 19 Oct @ 10.00am – Steep Ground Skills

Sat/Sun 21/22 Oct – Relocation Skills

Sat 21 Oct @ 10.00am – Contour Recognition

Sun 22 Oct @ 10.00am – Improvised Navigation Techniques


Tue/Wed 7/8 Nov – Relocation Skills

Tue 7 Nov @ 10.00am – Contour Recognition

Wed 8 Nov @ 10.00am – Improvised Navigation Techniques

Fri/Mon 10/13 Nov – Hillwalkers’ Confidence course

Fri/Mon 10/13 Nov – Trekking & Trail Walking Skills

Fri 10 Nov @ 10.00am – Hillwalking Basics

Sat/Sun 11/12 Nov – Mountain & Moorland Navigation

Sat 11 Nov @ 10:00am – Map Interpretation

Sun 12 Nov @ 10.00am – Micro-navigation & Poor Visibility Techniques

Mon 13 Nov @ 10.00am – Steep Ground Skills

Mon/Thu 20/23 Nov – Hillwalkers’ Confidence course

Mon/Thu 20/23 Nov – Trekking & Trail Walking Skills

Mon 20 Nov @ 10.00am – Hillwalking Basics

Tue/Wed 21/22 Nov – Mountain & Moorland Navigationslider Image

Tue 21 Nov @ 10:00am – Map Interpretation

Wed 22 Nov @ 10.00am – Micro-navigation & Poor Visibility Techniques

Thu 23 Nov @ 10.00am – Steep Ground Skills

Sat/Sun 25/26 Nov – Relocation Skills

Sat 25 Nov @ 10.00am – Contour Recognition

Sun 26 Nov @ 10.00am – Improvised Navigation Techniques


Sat/Sun 2/3 Dec – Mountain & Moorland Navigation

Sat 2 Dec @ 10:00am – Map Interpretation

Sun 3 Dec @ 10.00am – Micro-navigation & Poor Visibility Techniques

Tue/Wed 5/6 Dec – Relocation SkillsImage result for kevin walker mountain activities

Tue 5 Dec @ 10.00am – Contour Recognition

Wed 6 Dec @ 10.00am – Improvised Navigation Techniques

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Guided Tours along the Heart of Wales Line with Exploring Mid Wales

Exploring Mid Wales, a provider of bespoke guided tours and walks in the Brecon Beacons and Mid Wales, is providing a series of tours for the Heart of Wales Line Development Company. On the first Wednesday of each month, they are meeting a train on the scenic Heart of Wales line and taking guests on a bespoke guided tour of the surrounding countryside. All visitors and locals are welcome, even those not coming by train!

The next tour is the “Three Castles of Deheubarth” puts the emphasis on the history of this ancient Welsh kingdom and the beautiful scenery of the Tywi valley. Our tour begins at Llandeilo station on May 3rd at 10.30am in time for the train from Swansea and returns in time for the train home. The cost is £20 and is bookable through Eventbrite here. The tour takes in the stunning castles of Carreg Cennen, Dinefwr and Dryslwyn, on the western fringes of the Brecon Beacons National Park


The first tour in April was of the Elan valley and took place in beautiful weather. With the assistance of the Elan Valley ranger service, the tour proved very successful.

Here are some quotes about the last tour:

“Excellent day tour of fascinating area. Getting inside a dam was a highlight of an action packed day.  The whole area is filled with interest and so scenic.  That mid Wales region has much to offer. The train lines used to build the six dams are another fascinating aspect of the tour.  We were blessed with terrific weather and even water cascading over one of the dams,  so it made it especially memorable.”

The Heart of Wales Dev. Co. is a not-for-profit company that seeks to promote use of this fabulous railway that passes through our area.

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Talgarth Fifth Walking Festival

Friday 28th April – Monday 1st May 2017

The ancient market town of Talgarth is an ideal base for visitors wishing to explore the Brecon Beacons National Park on foot, particularly as it forms the “Gateway to the Black Mountains”. We offer visitors a taste of our town and the wonderful walking opportunities we have on our doorstep. We hope that you thoroughly enjoy your experience with us and return to our town in the near future. We look forward to seeing you at the Festival in May!
The fifth programme is now available online, browse through our walks.
You can book tickets online or by phone on 07719 876020 or 07943 616453 or download the booking form and post it to us.Image result for talgarth walking festival

Summary of Events

Friday 28th April
01. Festival Opening Talk and reception Black Mountains Gliding Club

Saturday 29th April
02. WALK Exploring the Rhiws of the Black Mountains with Havard Prosser
03. WALK Water Power in the Black Mountains – A Green Energy Walk with Gez Richards
04. WALK Legacies of the past around Talgarth with Chris Lewis
05. WALK Artist’s view of the Black Mountains with Frances St Clair Miller
06. WALK Black Mountains Gliding Club with Vaughan Evans
07. WALK Brecon Beacons Park Society Walk with Jim Wilson
08. WALK with Brecknock Wildlife Trust around Llangorse Lake with John Crellin
09. WALK Another chapter in Talgarth’s History with Alan Lovell
10 WALK Nordic Walking with Heather Maling
11. FILM “Dark Horse”

Sunday 30th April
12. THE MILL RACE Talgarth Ten Mile Fun Run
13. WALK Castle Dinas Circular with Rob Hughes and Avril Barnes
14. WALK Three Commons Overlooking the Wye with Jen Rees
15. WALK Restoring Local Ancient Woodlands with Jed Needs
16. WALK Local Gardens with David Beven
17. Outdoor Photography with Tony Bennett
18. WALK Restoring the local salmon and wildlife with Simon Evans of Wye and Usk Foundation
19. WALK Dipping Pools and a Mountain Chapel with Barbara Prosser
20. WALK Talgarth WW1 Food and Foraging with Jan Shivel
21. Children’s Treasure Hunt with Ellis and Steph Peters

Monday 1st May
22. WALK Capel-y-ffin landscape with Owen Sheers
23. WALK Ancient History around Llangorse with Chris Playford
24. WALK Two Trigs Geology Walk with Alan Bowring
25. WALK Bwlch with Solitude with Emma Harrison
26. WALK Local Gardens with David Beven
27. WALK The Dragon’s Back Walk with Graeme Adkin
28. WALK Mountain sketching with Margaret Jones
29. WALK The legend of the fairies with Robert Reith
30. WALK Rewilding the Uplands with Rob Yorke

Find the brochure here.

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A new resturant has opened in the Brecon Beacons!

We’re excited to announce a new restaurant has opened in the Brecon Beacons!

HILLS restaurant opened its doors on the 14th April following a significant refurbishment which has involved total renovation of the property formally known as Bishop Meadows Restaurant.   Bookings are now being taken by calling 01874 611 714.


HILLS is a family run business by husband and wife Owain and Emily Hill serving American Classics made with the finest Welsh produce.   The restaurant is set a beautiful location, in the heart of the National Park overlooking the town of Brecon and diners will be treated to breath-taking views of the Brecon Beacons from both inside the restaurant or if they choose to eat alfresco.


The restaurant will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, cocktails and drinks 7 days a week, whilst serving great coffee, pastries, American sandwiches and cake throughout the day.

There is a special little diners menu serving mini burgers too.  HILLS is a 50 cover restaurant led by talented Head Chef Owain. The menu will have an emphasis on sourcing Welsh produce.  Our buns and pastries will be baked fresh daily by award winning local baker Alex Gooch, all meat will be from Neil Powell – Master Butcher, Abergavenny as well as Charcutier cured meats.

Here’s the dinner menu to whet your appetite!


Owain, said: “We’ve been busy finalising the menu and after lots of product testing and finding the best Welsh producers to work with at HILLS.  Diners will be able to enjoy American classics made with delicious Welsh produce, we’ll be using the best seasonal, locally sourced produce on our menu.  We look forward to welcoming you to HILLS”

HILLS will employ 15 staff, with the majority coming from the Brecon and surrounding area.  Interested diners can keep up to date with the latest news from Hills restaurant at /HillsBrecon on Facebook or @HillsBrecon on Twitter and Instagram.


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Our Top Bluebell Walks in the Brecon Beacons

The Brecon Beacons has some great nature reserves and woodlands which at this time of year produce a fantastic array of bluebells and other wild flowers.  Here’s our top bluebell walks for you to enjoy, with your family, loved one, even your dog!  Why not make an afternoon of it and call in one of our pubs or cafes after your walk for a deserved drink or meal.


Credit: Carl Stringer National Botanic Gardens of Wales

1.Pwll-yr-Wrach Reserve

The Black Mountains town of Talgarth is an excellent centre for nature-lovers, with superb woods where you can see bluebells, wood anemones and wild garlic in spring. The Brecknock Wildlife Trust’s Pwll-yr-Wrach Reserve is a beautiful spot to visit. Click here to find out more.

Woodland trust Pwll-y-Wrach

2. Castle Woods at Dinefwr Park and Castle, near Llandeilo

The bluebell display at Dinefwr  Park really is a trea© Dinefwr Parkt for the eyes and nose. Every spring, Castle Woods is carpeted with thousands of beautiful lilac flowers that grow in a race against time before the leaves return to the towering tree canopy, cutting off the sunlight once more.  Learn all about Dinefwr Castle and enjoy some breathtaking views. Click here to find out more.

3. Aberglasney Gardens

Aberglasyn woods

Aberglasney Gardens are fine historical gardens dating from around 1477, renowned for their use or rare and unusual plants the gardens are a favourite of keen plantsmen and plantswomen. Spring sees the Stream Garden and Pigeon House Woods carpeted in Bluebells, Wild Garlic, Early Purple Orchids and Wood Anemones. Click here to find out more.

4. Priory Groves, Brecon 


Credit: Laura Thomas

Priory Groves is located next to Brecon Cathedral  is a mixed woodland, bordering the Honddu river, with oak, beech, hazel and alder trees. Whatever the time of year there are always some birds to see. While you are near the river, look out for dippers at any time of year, and grey wagtails in summer. In spring and early summer there is a good display of wild flowers. Click here to find out more.

5. National Botancial Garden Wales Springwoods and Pont Felin Gât

The National Botanical Garden of Wales has two great places you can experience bluebells.

SpringWoods is best seen in both the Spring and autumn.    In spring the wood is carpeted with a sea of celandines, primroses, violets and bluebells.

Pont Felin Gât is a beautiful wooded valley which offers visitors a chance to see a spectacular display of ancient woodland flowers and evocative remnants of the Middleton Hall Regency Park. 200 years ago, Pont Felin Gât was renowned for its iron-rich chalybeate springs and bissected by a necklace of lakes. Today you’ll find plenty of clues to its former uses, but you cannot miss a thundering waterfall. Click here to find out more.

6. Cwm Oergwm Nature Reserve

Cwm Oergwm bridge cafe

Cwm Oergwn nature reserve consists of a narrow band of woodland with glades, that extends for almost a mile along the steep eastern bank of the Menasgin stream.  Click here to find out more.

7. Coed Cefn, Bluebell Woods, Crickhowell

Coed Cefn Woodland trustt

Coed Cefn known locally as Bluebell Woods is dominated by a canopy of oak and beech and ground flora including bluebells and bramble, this ancient woodland site with an Iron Age hilltop fort alongside dry stone walls and hedge boundary incorporates a historical angle to your woodland enjoyment.  Click here to find out more.

holt farm.JPG



 8. Coed y Bwnydd

Coed y Bwnydd is a National Trust site- the largest and one of the best preserved hill forts in Monmouthshire. Today, dappled shade, birdsong and the heady scent of bluebells in spring means this gently rolling landscape continues to be a haven for people and wildlife alike. There are beautiful views of the Sugarloaf and wider Usk Valley.  Find out more here.

9. Skirrid 

A gentle stroll around the Holy Mountain during end of April early May where the westerly slopes are carpeted with bluebells. – Find our more here. 

Credit: Black Mountain Photography

Share your photos with us on Instagram with the hashtag #VisitBreconBeacons

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Our last minute Easter Guide

The Brecon Beacons is the perfect place to celebrate Easter Weekend, with so many activities going on and loads of places to enjoy a traditional Easter Sunday Lunch.

Need accommodation?

The Brecon Beacons offers a wide range of accommodation to suit all your requirements to make the most of your visit to the National Park! Whether you want to bring your dog along so need pet-friendly accommodation, are bringing your family along or fancied coming with a group of friends there will be somewhere for you this Easter!   Plan where you’ll stay here.

…why not stay at…

1. The Angel Hotel, Abergavenny
Special Easter deal:

Two-night stay (based on 2 adults and 2 children sharing) inclusive of the following:

  • Overnight accommodation in a Deluxe room (inclusive of 2 beds – suitable for children ages 12 years and younger)
  • Dinner on one night of your stay (choice from The Angel Menu and Children’s Menu
  • Children’s Activity Day at Abergavenny Leisure Centre from 9am-3pm*
  • Baloo the bear
  • Full English breakfast
  • Complimentary upgrade to one of our cottages (based upon availability)

Valid from Monday 10th April – Friday 21st April 2017. Terms and conditions here

2. Brecon Beacons Holiday Cottages
Late Easter Deal from 14-21st April at Church Lane Cottage- 10% OFF BOOKINGS
Apple Bough Cottage
Rock Cottage
Beacons Lodge
Cynfin Old House
Cynfin Stable
Woodridge Barn SPECIAL EASTER 20% OFF 15-22 APRIL

3. Ty Newydd Holidays
Beautiful cottages by the Monmouth and Breconshire Canal. Short breaks still available over the Easter Holidays.
Marina View (sleeps 6). Three night break for £516 commencing Easter Saturday the 15th of April.
Dragonfly Cottage (sleeps 4). Three night break for £410, commencing Easter Saturday the 15th of April. Canoe available to hire on canal to get to the local pub and see the local wildlife.

Where to Go


Meet the Easter Cuties! There are lots of gorgeous newborn spring lambs for you to meet at Cantref this Easter.If you time your visit to our Big Animal Barn right you might even be lucky enough to see a lamb being born.
Easter Egg Hunt
We are very egg-cited to announce the opening of our new Easter Garden at Cantref! Come along and meet the Easter Bunny then hunt for the eggs hidden around the garden. When you have found 5 different coloured eggs take them to our Easter Eggs-change and swap them for a yummy chocolate treat!
Own a Pony Day. Our Own a Pony Day on the 10th of April has now sold out but we still have some spaces remaining for the 17th of April. Book here.


Book your little budding authors and illustrators onto this afternoon of magical folklore and inspiration. Call 01873 811256 to book – limited spaces!


 Theatr Brycheiniog Easter Holiday Shows 

Don’t Dribble on the Dragon

Tuesday 18 April, 2.30pm

For adults and kids ages 2+

My brother has a dragon and he keeps it secretly within a box beneath his socks. He’s hiding it from me…

Tom is a toddler with a cool older brother, a secret dragon… and a dribbling problem that just won’t stop!  When Tom’s endless drooling threatens to tear the brothers’ friendship apart can their dragon’s amazing magic help them put it back together again or will it only end up making things worse?

Based on the fabulous new book by Steven Lee and with magic designed by the legendary Paul Daniels, this spectacular musical adventure about growing up and the importance of family is the perfect feel good show for big hearted adults and loving little ones alike.

Pasha Kovalev and his Fantastic Dancers

Friday 21 April, 7.30pm

Strictly Come Dancing’s Pasha Kovalev invites you to join him as he leads you in dance through
his incredible journey from snowy Siberian beginnings to the sparkle of the Strictly Ballroom.

Be enchanted by all your favourite dances including the Waltz, Foxtrot, Salsa, Tango, QuickstepImage result for Pasha Kovalev & his Fantastic Dancers
and Cha Cha performed to timeless classics and lively modern remixes alike, all with Pasha’s
signature warmth and charm for a fun and entertaining evening for all the family to enjoy!

Together with 4 exceptional dancers and his dance partner of nearly 20 years, former Strictly
professional Anya Garnis, experience the pinnacle of professional ballroom and Latin dancing, set to the stunning live vocals of Lisa-Marie Holmes and all the glamour, sequins and diamantes you’d want from this ballroom spectacular!

Romeo and Juliet

Sunday 23 April, 2pm & 7.30pm

Set against a backdrop of conflict, civil disturbance and prejudice in present British society, this timeless production pairs the well-loved tragedy with aerial circus.  This immersive theatre circus production allows you to move about in the space and find a good viewing point for each different scene.

Citizenship. Civil disturbance. Conflict. Questioning of authority and experts. Anger. Ugly scenes on our streets. Abuse. Tragic consequences.

This is our stage. This is Britain today. This is where we lay our scene.

More shows here

National Botanic Gardens of Wales

14 April – GOOD FRIDAY
Meet a Meerkat – 11am, 12:30pm, 2pm & 3:30pm – £3 per seat per show,
Quack Pack  – 12noon, 1pm, 2pm & 3pm, Jugglestruck,
Parkland Restoration Tour – 2pm from the Great Glasshouse’s Western Entrance
The Bumbles of Honeywood – Stories and Bee Activities – Great Glasshouse
15 April EASTER SATURDAY – Jugglestruck, Quack Pack – 12noon, 1pm, 2pm & 3pm
Llanarthne Dancers, Archery – Apothecary’s Hall
16 April – EASTER SUNDAY Fiddlebox, Jugglestruck, Quack Pack – 12noon, 1pm, 2pm & 3pm
17 April – EASTER MONDAY –
Dyfed Carriage Club – Easter Bonnet Parade
Quack Pack – 12noon, 1pm, 2pm & 3pm,
Meet a Meerkat – 11am, 12:30pm, 2pm & 3:30pm – £3 per seat per show,
Doggy Day – Bring your dog for a walk around the Garden
More of their Easter events can be found here.
Want to Canoe? 
Embark on unnamed (2)a relaxing river adventure from several different points along the way, with Want to Canoe?  With an array of different routes to choose from, all with their own unique sights, sounds and smells.Canoe hire is available 7 days a week from April to October or why not get more interactive on a GUIDED ADVENTURE SESSION – On selected days during the holidays, booking essential! Details here
Talgarth Mill
Especially for the Easter Holidays, make your own easter egg bath bomb and decorate your own little easter basket to display it in. Great as a gift, or something for yourself!Drop in at any time, and suitable for all ages.
Prices Per Egg:
£3.50 Large
£2.50 Small
This includes one of the basic baskets (more fancy ones also available!) and the mould to take away and use again! Info here.Drop in Easter Craft Workshops  
Find us in The Granary at Talgarth Mill
Family workshops using salt dough made with flour from the mill.
Wednesday 19th April 2017 with Bridget Morgan. Pop in any time between 11am and 3pm
A charge of £2.50 per person.,   Tel no. 01874 711352

Easter Holiday Adventure Offers 10th – 21st April 2017

Gorge Scrambling Experience – Rock climbing waterfalls, scramble rocks and explore dark tunnel! You will get wet. Fun for all.  £35 per adult £27 per children
Gorge & Paddle Adventure Day – Gorge scrambling and Guided Open Canoe River Trip on The River Wye taking in the Symonds Yat rapids along the way. £57 per person
Ropes & Gorge Adventure Day – Explore and challenge family, friends on the high ropes then onto the Gorge Scrambling Experience for an exciting session! £57 per person

Price includes all activity and safet
y equipment along with qualified instructors.  Children must be accompanied by an adult, minimum age 8 years.  Visit our facebook where you will find many pictures, video, and reviews that will give you an idea of what is involved. Call us now 01600 891515 or Email

Llangorse Multi Activity Centre

Are you looking to get out and try something new this Easter? Llangorse Multi Activity Centre is home to the largest indoor Climbing, Riding & Multi-Activity Centre in Wales – in the heart of the Brecon Beacons National Park. They cater for individuals and families, whether experienced or novice, young or old. And best of all, they’re open all year round!

Multi-Activities, with a difference…From 6 years old you can take part in their popular multi-award-winning half day Indoor Activity Sessionwhich gives a taste of Climbing, Rope Bridges, a Zip Line, Caving and Abseiling!

Horse Riding in the Brecon Beacons…There are lots of things to do at their Riding Centre, too. From 4 years you can have your first instructor-led pony ride. For older children and adults, there are one hour & half day treks for beginners, rides with some cantering for intermediate riders and faster hacks for the more experienced.

Relax at Base Camp Cafe! After an energetic activity session – relax in ‘Base Camp’ Cafe offering a variety of meals and a delicious range of local homemade Cakes!

To start your adventure, visit or call 0333 600 20 20.

Find out where you can go for an Easter Egg hunt in the Brecon Beacons here.

Places to Eat.

1. Join Foyles of Glasbury for lunch on Easter Sunday-27th March 2016 Celebrate Easter at Foyles with their indulgent three-course lunch. £26.95 per person/£18 for children under Reserve your table here!

2. Peterstone Court
Have you booked your table for Easter Sunday Lunch? Find the menu here.

Don’t forget Easter Sunday next week, book a table and avoid disappointment. We are serving all day. Choose from lamb, beef, pork, chicken, fish or vegetarian goats cheese nut roast.
1 course is £9.95
2 courses is £12.95
3 course is £15.95

4.The Kings Arms, Abergavenny
Come and join us for your Easter Sunday meal, we have dishes that are sure to delight! The menu includes dishes such as starters of whipped Welsh goats cheese, terrine and parfait with mains of Cod, turkey and beef. Desserts include chocolate and peanut brownie and a Welsh cheese and biscuit board…and more! Full menu here.

2 COURSES £20.00                  3 COURSES £25.00

Find out more places to eat this Easter Weekend here

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