Crickhowell Literary Festival tickets are now on sale!

This year’s Festival runs from 29th September-7th October

Our aim in this fourth Crickhowell Literary Festival is, as always, to provide enjoyment, entertainment and interest for everyone.  We have certainly hit the ground running with events on some of the year’s hottest best-sellers (Vesna Goldsworthy on Monsieur Ka and Kit de Waal on A Trick to Time); on high-profile contemporary crime fiction (Sophie Hannah’s latest Poirot mystery and Oliver Bullough’s Moneyland); on famous classics (Frankenstein and Wuthering Heights) and on two of the year’s most discussed television series, Keeping Faith and The Handmaid’s Tale.

Events on current affairs include our president, Owen Sheers, paying tribute to seventy years of the National Health Service with a screening of his film, To Provide All People, and Professor Brian Cathcart, with whom we can explore just how far the British Press is corrupt. You can share the experience of pilgrimage with Anne Hayward, and a fourteenth-century Christian Mystic will make a ghostly appearance at Bethesda Chapel. Walks, foraging, nature, school visits, writing workshops and music will charm the most reclusive from their home comforts and, just for pure entertainment, you can enjoy a ‘Rugby Special’ event with sports commentators John Inverdale and Eddie Butler, or listen to a panel of local writers talking about their favourite houses in literature.

If you have energy left at the end of the nine days, join us with radio and television presenter, Roy Noble, for our finale event, where Roy will invite a few guests to reveal their four favourite books of all time. We are very sure that this year, you are going to enjoy every minute.

Get your tickets for your favourite events here!

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