10 reasons why we love Green Man Festival

The Brecon Beacons is one of the most inspiring locations in the world. Surrounded by miles and miles of mountains, forests, waterfalls and rivers, Greenman Festival is known for its spellbinding music and mystical happenings. There will of course be plenty of music in the many stages and natural amphitheatre of the main stage, but you will also be treated to great Welsh food and drink, all night dancing, comedy, yoga and hot tubs, cinema screenings, bonfires, with the festival concluding with fireworks and the burning of the huge Greenman! Taking place from the 16th-19th of August, the festival is only a few weeks away-so we thought we would share 10 reasons why we love it!

1. One of the most family-friendly festivals
Green Man is constantly being praised as one of the most family-friendly festivals due to its manageable size, the facilities available and most importantly the welcoming atmosphere.

2. Location location location                                                                Credit: Greenman.net

As far as UK festivals go, Green Man‘s backdrop is hard to beat. With mountains as far as the eye can see, festival goers feel as if they’re safely nestled within this green valley as people come from far and wide to enjoy the views as well as the music.

3. Welsh pride
Not only is Green Man a favourite with the locals, the Brecon Beacons community is present in more ways than one. Welsh food, drink and bands are invited back into Glanusk Estate each year, being assured that pennies are being pumped back into Wales.

4. Best Medium Sized Festival
Green Man’s size means you can amble from stage to stage, find friends (and your tent) easily and know that you will bump into each-other again throughout the weekend.

5. There’s comedy to make you laugh until the early hours
Babbling tongues is circled by ancient trees being the place to listen to illuminating debates, insightful thoughts and incredible reminiscences from iconic musicians and authors. Be entertained by an incredible lineup of talented comedians on the last laugh comedy stage who will make you laugh until the early hours.

6. One main stage with world class performers
With one main stage, there’s little chance you’ll suffer from a band clash so relax and set up your spot for the day. Click here for the full lineup.

Visit Wales ©

Credit: Visit Wales

7. The ease of exploring
It’s almost impossible to navigate your way around the rows and rows of tents, let alone get out and about into that world beyond Glastonbury. For those that want to explore the area surrounding Green Man, it’s easy to venture out of the site and have a wander around the local towns and villages by foot, bike or bus. Why not make a holiday of it?  If you were lucky to get a Settler’s Pass ticket this year, you’ll be able to enjoy the National Park, then just relax and wait for the music to start.

8.  It’s one for Mum and Dad, too.
Every year Green Man’s line up doesn’t try to impress, it aims to please. Whatever your musical taste, your age or your dancing ability, the whole family’s invited. This year we’ll enjoy a rich variety once again: The Chai Wallahs tent will add a youthful edge, there will be plenty of folk (as always) and don’t forget legendary headliners, such as PJ Harvey, Michael Kiwanuka and Future Islands!

9. There’s yoga and even hot tubs!
Head to nature nuture, a quiet corner of health and rejuvenation, for yoga dedicated therapists and to sip some bubbly in a hot tub!

10. There’s all night bonfires, fireworks and a giant burning green man! 

Image result for burning of greenman

Sadly the tickets are sold out this year! Those of you lucky enough to be going will be sure to have a spellbinding weekend! Find out more here.

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