Brecon Welcomes The Zulus this August

Events for Sibanye
A project has been established called Sibanye, meaning “we are one”-to acknowledge the events of the past but to move on in a spirit of support and co-operation. 80 Zulus will be welcomed into Brecon this August, making a wonderful opportunity to meet some of the descendants of the Zulu warriors who fought at Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift. There will be several evening performances at Theatr Brycheniog and a special concert at the Cathedral on August 26th. Read on for a schedule of events.

WEDNESDAY 23RD AUGUST THEATR BRYCHEINIOG Grand opening of Sibanye and gala performance. With an opening by the High Commissioner of South Africa and a chance to meet the Royal Princes after the show. More info here.

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY/FRIDAY, 23RD, 24TH, 25TH AUGUST AT THEATR BRYCHEINIOG-7.30pm (also Thursday 24th matinee 2pm) King Cetshwayo Musical, 40 South African players will be acting in this amazing musical which has toured South Africa. The story tells of the Zulu’s defiance against the English and Welsh Regiments during the Anglo Zulu Wars, and the victories that re-inspired the pride of a nation; defeating guns with spears in a David and Goliath real life story. Told through multimedia, song, dance, dialogue and storytelling, the performances features performances from the Zulu Royal Family and descendents of King Cetshwayo. Tickets and info here.

SATURDAY 26TH AUGUST AT GRAND CONCERT IN BRECON CATHEDRAL– 7pm to include Brecon Male Voice Choir, a South African Choir, and Clwyd & Gwynedd Cadets Corps of Drums.

SUNDAY 27TH AUGUST – STUDY CENTRE, THE BARRACKS – Lecture, John Young; The Last Napoleon – the death of the Prince Imperial of France.

MONDAY 28TH AUGUST – STUDY CENTRE, THE BARRACKS – Lecture, John Young; iSandlwana – when the son of a banker met the son of a king.



THURSDAY 31ST AUGUST- THE RE-ENACTMENT OF ISANDLWANA IN CARDIFF CASTLE- with 80 Zulu players/Royal Princess and The British Diehards.
Included in the 10 days will be Craft Stands, lectures and art exhibitions throughout the Town.

For further details contact Dorcas Cresswell- or phone 01497 847262

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