Brecon County Show: A Little Something For Everyone

The Show has been around since 1755 and is organised by the local charity, The Brecknockshire Agricultural Society. This year, it is taking place at the Show-ground, Watton Villa, Brecon.

Activities for Animal Lovers 

Cattle Show

Animal lovers are sure to find the muses here with Cattle, Sheep, Horse & Pony classes that appeal to exhibitors from all over Great Britain. This year, there are over 400 horse entries, 100 cattle entries and over 400 sheep entries! Even an exciting sheep shearing competition is offered, where local farm boys race against the clock.

Activities for Children

For those who love goats, the Brecon County Show is also hosting a Goat class, which is a favourite among children. Competitive dog shows promise to rouse the interest of any child, whether they be young in age or young at heart. Fairground rides are also located around the fair, and combined with their selection of sweets and toys, no child could be bored.

For Adults

Adults need not be disappointed either. Besides the extensive variety of food stalls and a public bar, a day long Brecon Town Band are sure to catch the attention of any wanderer. Additionally, the main ring of entertainment has many traditional and unique programmes, such as the Supreme Horse Championship,Broke FMX Motorcross Display Team and a grand parade of all prize winning animals.

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, Brecon County Fair will not disappoint. There are country pursuits of a fishing display, gun dogs, ferrets, laser shooting and falconry are offered. Gardeners can also look forward to a fabulous flower tent!Young Boy At Fence

There is something for everyone, whether you be old or young. The County Fair has so much that it cannot disappoint, so be sure to make a visit THIS SATURDAY for a day of fun you will remember for the rest of the year!

For more information on the show click here.

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