The Brecon Beacons are sown with extraordinary stories. The woods and valleys of the region thrum with a living past. In this stunning landscape haunted castles, bottomless lakes and strange follies hold echoes of massacres, ghosts and miracles.

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table are said to be sleeping away the centuries in a cave in these hills; not far away, the most famous soprano of her time built a world like a wonderland. In this collection of stories the opera star and the legendary King join a cast of drifting spirits, water sprites, warlords, soldiers, wild women, infamous tycoons and the young people of today’s Wales, their voices retelling the stories of this land.

3. The front cover of the book; 'Myths & Legends of the Brecon Beacons'

Horatio Clare has re-imagined and re-written local legends for the 21st century which can either be visited or a walk can be enjoyed to bring the actual and mythical characters to life, allowing them to recount their deeds and legacies in tales of comedy, tragedy, myth and history.

All the legends are illustrated by Jane Matthews.
You are welcome to download the legends which will help to bring a visit to one of the locations or walks to life find out more here 

The full collection of legends is now available as a book, published by Graffeg, which can be ordered through our on-line shop here.

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