Bike Shop Challenges to ‘Ride Everest’

A local bike shop is challenging cyclists to ride to the top of Mount Everest – without ever leaving the Black Mountains.

The Gospel Pass Everesting Challenge is being organised by Hay-on-Wye’s Drover Cycles. Taking place in June this year, it will see cyclists ride a gruelling 8,848 metres of ascent – the height of the world’s tallest mountain. They will pedal from Drover’s base on the edge of the Brecon Beacons National Park to Gospel Pass – officially the highest motorable road in Wales. And they’ll have to repeat the effort another 18 times over 24 hours to clock up the total.

Drover’s Anna Heywood said: ‘It’s a simple concept but simple doesn’t mean easy! ‘It’s as much a psychological challenge as it is a physical endeavour. How will you motivate yourself to keep grinding the gears and turning the pedals to achieve your goal?’Image result for drovers cycles

The idea of ‘Everesting’ was invented by the Hells 500 Club, a band of endurance cyclists obsessed with tough hill climb challenges. Everesting events have taken place all over the globe but this is thought to be Wales’ first organised challenge. Rules mean the full 8,848m must be ridden without stopping to sleep.

Completing the task as a solo effort earns the rider a place in the Everesting Hall of Fame, plus a coveted Hells 500 ‘grey stripe’.

Anna explained: ‘In order to make this challenge accessible to more people and increase the fun factor, we are also accepting team entries. ‘We would love you to take part as a couple, with your friends or family, your local clubmates or sports team and anyone else who thinks this is a good idea.’

Drover Cycles will donate 10% of entry fees to  for the Himalayan Quests Foundation, which provides free healthcare to rural Nepalese communities.

Anna said: ‘they’ve carried out a huge amount of post earthquake work following the devastating 2015 tremor. We hope you agree this fantastic work is worthy of your support.’Drover have also devised the perfect way to kick-start your Everesting training regime in 2017. Their turbo training sessions – cycling indoors on static bikes –  are on Tuesdays, 6.30pm at the Mission Hall on Lion Street, Hay and cost £3 for members of Velo Hay cycling club, or £4 for non-members. Signing up for 10 sessions gets you free Velo Hay membership and 10% off the £20 Gospel Pass Everesting Challenge entry fee.

For more info on the event see here. Call 01497 822 419 to book turbo sessions.

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