Tune in to Countryfile as they explore the Brecon Beacons!


Matt Baker discovers geocaching, a treasure hunt with a modern twist, and meets an artist whose canvas is the night sky.

What is Geocaching?
If you like exploring, you’ll love geocaching, the global treasure hunt for the whole family.

A geocache is a sort of treasure box, ranging in size from a small film canister to a larger plastic container or an old ammo box. The person who placed it recorded its location precisely as a grid reference and GPS waypoint and entered this information online at www.geocaching.com or one of the other geocaching websites.

Each geocache contains a log book, a pencil and a stash of treasure. Don’t expect gold doubloons! You may find a trackable geocoin or travelbug, but most geocaches contain geoswag, random objects of minimal value that previous players have placed there for others to find. It’s important that these are family-friendly and non-perishable (so, no sweets!)

Your aim is to place something in the cache in the hope that someone will later move it on somewhere else and log its journey. You can also take geoswag from the cache as long as you add something of equal or greater value (a geocoin doesn’t count).
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Helen Skelton is sheep trekking across the landscape and taking part in a rather muddy fish rescue.

How can you go sheep trekking?
Good Day Out has teamed up with Aberhyddnant Farm & Aber Cottages to create a completely new concept, which is more native than Llama Trekking and more fun than your average walk in the hills. Each sheep is fitted with its own little halter, and you will choose your own sheep from a small flock of especially trained Jacobs. Your fleecy partner will then lead you along a scenic trek on that takes you towards the Black Mountain with scenic views towards Pen y Fan.There will be new dates for 2017 shortly, with trips starting in April. Available to book on specific dates, but do ask for special group bookings. The undated vouchers make a great Christmas present! Sheep walking in the Brecon Beacons

Watch on:
Sunday, November 27, 2016 – 18:20

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