The Artisan Kitchen School at Abergavenny Food Festival 2016

The Artisan Kitchen School 

Back for its third year, our Artisan Kitchen School is a unique opportunity to cook alongside some of the best chefs at the Festival.

Whatever your abilities in the kitchen, you will learn a new skill and you’ll go home with delicious, chef standard food, made by you.

So if you want a personal lesson with some of the best in the business, this is your opportunity. But think ahead as there are just 20 places per session


Here’s who you could be getting hot and steamy in the kitchen with, click on the chef names to buy tickets…

One of our headliners, critically acclaimed Spanish chef and award winning restauranteur José Pizarro, will teach you how to make a fresh and delicious seafood salad with mango and chilli dressing from his latest cookbook, Basque.

Learn how to bring La Dolce Vita into your kitchen with this hands on lesson in how to make classic and reinvented dishes from Rome, with author of As The Romans Do, jet-setter and clandestine restaurant entrepreneur Eleonora Galasso.

Nutrition expert and River Cottage regular Naomi Devlin will be whipping up delicious and gluten free recipes including frangipane tart.

Bake braided challah bread rolls like a star baker with Great British Bake Off finalist, Richard Burr, using a recipe from his cookbook, Bake It Yourself.

Have you ever tried to use potato in a dessert? Zuza Zak will show you how to make a traditional potato knedle- dumplings with a juicy plum filling.

Learn how to properly put the spice in curries with a lesson from Green Saffron’s spice guru, Arun Kapil with spices fresh from India.

Cook a quintessential 17th century Bakewell Pudding with award winning Miss Foodwise Regula Yewijn.

Shape, make and bake sourdough flatbreads under the guidance of two chefs, Chris Young and Alex Gooch, who love to bake real bread.

Well there you have it. Some of best names in the business and a unique opportunity to cook right beside them. Fancy picking some tips and tricks up from this lot? Tickets here..

Please note prices for events vary as they are all presenting and preparing very different things, but what you will receive in exchange will match the value of your ticket.

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