Go Underground

There are beautiful natural playgrounds to be found in the Beacons, hidden from view…The caves and mines underneath the hills are waiting to be explored!

If you’re after an awe-inspiring introduction to being underground, Dan-yr-Ogof, the National Showcaves Centre for Wales is the best place to start, exploring rock formations and beautifully lit caverns. If you wish to delve into South Wales’ rich industrial past, then
Big Pit National Coal Museum is just on the Park’s doorstep, offering a journey into the mines underground, and don’t forget to make time for King Coal: The Mining Experience and discover the story of how the Welsh mining industry evolved. If you want to go a step further why not join one of our underground guided tours to visit some of the incredible cave systems beneath our feet? You can book onto one of the trips to spend a half
day underground.

Our Underground Adventures Include:

The National Showcaves Centre for Wales
Voted ‘Britain’s Finest Natural Wonder’, our incredible underground passageways will enchant all who enter! Here, amongst the great caverns and twisting passageways lie beautiful cave formations, underground waterfalls and the mystery of 42 human skeletons…

The three caves each tell their own unique story – listen to the Morgan Brothers as they describe their first trip into Dan-yr-Ogof Cave, and learn how they discovered these fantastic passageways, all without the modern day comforts we now enjoy! “Incredible”,
‘spectacular’, and ‘amazing’, are just some of the words used to describe Cathedral Cave. Walk through this enormous cavern enjoying the stunning natural formations, lakes and underground waterfalls. Finally, Bone Cave introduces you to times when man used caves for shelter, and fought animals for this most basic necessity. Add to this our fantastic collection of life-sized dinosaur models, Shire horses, interactive museum, farm and playgrounds and you have a great day out for all!

Big Pit
The audio-visual experience, set in the hillside tells the story of how the
Welsh mining industry evolved.

The World famous underground tour, led by a former miner, is not the only underground adventure at Big Pit.

King Coal: The Mining Experience, set in to the hillside above the colliery, houses re-created underground workings and a multi-media presentation which tells the story of how the Welsh mining industry evolved.

From the collier craftsmen into the sophisticated, mechanised modern industry of today, the story begins with a short film, followed by three display areas. See and hear how miners reached the coal by using explosives or large rock cutting machines.

The Pithead Baths exhibition is also worth a visit with its warm wit, images and objects bringing the story of coal mining and its communities to life. Come along, be adventurous and discover more to Big Pit than you thought!

The underground sightseeing trips are suitable for children 8 years old and over. The trips will cost £40 for adults and £35 for Children.

Dates for this are:
July 3rd, July 21st, July 30th. August 6th, August 8th, August 28th.

Half day sessions, am & pm.

For details visit www.breconbeacons.org/sightseeingunderground, or contact Abergavenny Tourist Information Centre on 01873 853254.

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