The Brecon Beacons Dark Skies

The Aurora Borealis have been spotted across the Brecon Beacons this March, with our Dark Sky reserve providing perfectly clear skies to see them, as this photo below shows.

Alyn Wallace Photography

“The only Dark-Sky reserve in Wales is situated in the Brecon Beacons. You’d be hard pressed to find a community which goes to such great lengths to ensure light pollution is reduced. The hard work is obviously paying off – on a clear night you can see just about everything from anywhere” Ordnance Survey 2015

Our Park has some of the highest quality dark skies in the whole of the UK, making it the perfect destination for stargazers.

How can you spot them?
The Met Office blog states: “It is easier to see the aurora borealis in the UK than you might think. All you need is a dark place, a clear sky and very good timing.

“The good timing is important, as the Northern Lights are a result of a geomagnetic storm. These storms are short-lived periods of high geomagnetic activity where the Earth’s magnetic field changes very quickly and strong electric currents flow high in the atmosphere.”

The Met Office advises star gazers to wait until at least half an hour after sunset, go outside away from artificial lights, let their eyes accustom to the dark and look towards the north.

There are loads of Events to enjoy stargazing here in the Brecon Beacons. 

This month:
Stargazing Evening for the Mayor Of Brecons Charities
Mar 18, 2016: Come and enjoy an evening of stargazing with a talk from Dark Sky Wales.Tickets are £15 which includes a delicious Irish themed meal. The evening is in aid of Mayor of Brecon’s Charities. Call 01874 624437 to book your ticket now!

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