Rock Climbing and Abseiling

If you enjoy climbing, why not take a look at things from a different angle and reach new heights on the cliffs of the Brecon Beacons?

The National Park offers plenty of natural challenges for climbers and abseilers, including sheltered crags, old quarries and rocky escarpments with stunning vistas. In the sheltered areas, you can climb all year round – on a sunny winter’s day you might be moving over warm rock in just a t-shirt, if you’re lucky. There are also all-weather indoor options.thumb_5188__auto_74ee433b70c43883e8f2a227e2539389.jpeg

Where to go
The best outdoor spots are along the limestone belt on the southern side of the National Park.

Have a go at a Multi Level Challenge Course with Llangorse Multi Activity Centre! This is a high ropes course with over thirty individual challenges, starting at a low level and progressing up to 12m in the air! The course is made up of 3 different ‘squares’, with each square offering a different set of challenges across a series of levels at varying heights. As you complete each set of challenges, and as your courage increases, you can progress to higher levels tackling more demanding activities including:

  • A cargo net
  • Hanging tyres
  • Criss-cross wires
  • Swinging & revolving logs
  • Tight rope walks
  • Indian rope bridges
  • Stepping stones and swings
    more details

At Llangorse Multi Activity Centre, east of Brecon, there’s an indoor climbing centre with real rock, artificial climbing walls, bouldering, indoor caving and a café.Rock climbing is a fun and exciting activity suitable for all the family. Now with over 1,580 m2 (17,000 ft2) of climbing surface, the centre boasts many unique features such as the only indoor natural limestone featured climbing walls in Wales – great for practising climbing outdoors. There are also artificial featured climbing walls (up to 15m from the ground!), large bouldering areas with plenty of interesting routes, as well as a challenging 18m caving ladder, rope and tree climb for the more adventurous climber!

Other nearby indoor climbing centres include Aber Rocks in Abergavenny, Summit Centre near Merthyr Tydfil, Dynamic Rock in Clydach near Swansea and Boulders just outside Cardiff.

Find more rock climbing centres here

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