Santa’s coming to The Old Railway

Who’s coming to see Santa this weekend at the Old Railway Line Garden Centre?

three cocks santa
Meet Santa In His Grotto

Open to children of all ages; The Old Railway Line Garden Centre‘s grotto experience really brings the magic of Christmas to life and is renowned throughout mid Wales, south Wales and Herefordshire. Packed full of festive magic the experience includes seeing Santa’s reindeer, an exciting woodland walk and meeting Santa for a chat, a suitable toy and delicious sweets!

Santa’s Grotto is open this Saturday and Sunday  at the Old Railway Line Garden Centre, Three Cocks (10.30am – 4.30pm) and includes Santa’s Reindeer, Frozen Walk, Meeting Santa and a suitable toy!

Full details and opening times can be found  here

Visit Santa’s Reindeer & Donkeys!three cocks rein

At the start of your grotto experience you will meet two of Santa’s reindeer! Get up close with these magical animals as they prepare for their long trip around the world with Santa on Christmas eve! We have also added two donkeys to our Grotto experience this year which have been very popular!

The Frozen Walk

three cocks frozen

Have a wander through the short ‘Frozen Walk’ on your way to Santa’s Grotto. An addition to our grotto package this year, along with Santa’s reindeer, to make the experience even more special!


Do a spot of shopping in the Farm Shop

three cocks shp

Stocking locally sourced, fresh produce from over 60 producers our Farm Shop is a perfect place to call in and pick up fresh ingredients to cook for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They stock fresh fruit, vegetables, bread, eggs, milk, meats, cheeses, deli products, artisan beers, wines, spirits and much more…

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