Brecon Beacons National Park Astronomy Evenings

A series of interactive lectures by former University and NASA astronomer Martin Griffiths

December 11th 2015: The Star of Bethlehem – what could it have been?

January 22th 2016: Looking for other Earths
– are there planets like ours out there and when will we find another planet fit for life?

February 26th 2016: The Moon and the Western Imagination – from ancient myths to the Moon landingsthumb_122__auto_02655907e47b74814406dba6e73c0bca.jpeg

March 18th 2016: The Big Bang – what is the big bang and why does everything we see in the universe have an origin 13.82 billion years ago?

April 29th 2016: Contact with Extraterrestrial Civilizations – what will it mean for us here if we do make contact with intelligent life elsewhere?

May 27th 2016: Starlight and the lives of the stars – how do we know so much about stars and what makes them the kind of bodies they are?

June 24th 2016: Astronomy and Art – how has art used astronomy and what influences has astronomy had on art?

July 29th 2016: Black holes in the Universe – what are they, how do they form and are they a threat to us?


All talks will be held at the National Park Visitor Centre at 7:30pm and will be followed by stargazing sessions using the Brecon Beacons Observatory and additional telescopes (weather permitting). To book places contact the Visitor Centre, 01874 623366.

£15 per adult
£10 per person under 16

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