Cheese & beer pairing at Hay’s Beer Revolution

Hay’s independent craft beer shop, Beer Revolution, hosts a free event this weekend – cheese pairing with Welsh brewery Celt Experience.

Celt will be at the shop, in the grounds of Hay Castle, from 1-4pm on Saturday November 28th, which coincides with the Hay Food Festival and the Hay Festival Winter Weekend.

Beer REv

Beer fans will be able to sample three creations from the Caerphilly-based brewery, each paired with a Welsh cheese.

Celt’s Ellie Stoppard said: ‘We’re all about food pairing and every beer recipe starts with a food pairing in mind.

‘The diverse and complex flavours beer provides us with mean that the world of beer pairing is just as (if not more) exciting than wine pairings!

‘Cheese and beer pairing is a great way to encapsulate how the flavours of food and beer work together, as food and beer can often share similar qualities; fruity, nutty, farmhouse, creamy, bitter etc.

‘We might look to complement those flavours or to contrast them.

‘For example – our American-style pale ale, Silures, works well with a mature cheddar as the tropical American hops complement the rich, fruity flavour of the cheese.

‘Meanwhile Bleddyn cuts through the crumbly creamy flavour of Caerphilly with its grapefruit flavour and bitter finish.

‘And then there is the flavour explosion that is an Imperial Stout, with a strong, blue cheese – sweet, creamy, pungent – it’s one that you just have to try for yourself!’

celt cheese pairing

Beer Revolution is passionate about promoting Welsh brewers.

They said: ‘The area around Hay-on-Wye and the Brecon Beacons is rich with Celtic history.

‘The Silures tribe were active in these parts, as were the Romans in their efforts to subdue them.

‘Celt Experience have found inspiration for their beers in this history, so hopefully Hay will feel like home territory to them. We’re thrilled to be welcoming them and we’re proud to offer our continued support to Welsh beer and brewing.’

Visit for Welsh craft beer, including Celt, Waen, Hopcraft, Otley, Mad Dog, Tiny Rebel and more.

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