Star Party at The National Botanic Garden of Wales

Thinking of buying a telescope for Christmas?  Why not come along to the ‘Star Party’ at the National Botanic Garden of Wales on Friday November 20 and get some top tips from the experts?

The Swansea Astronomical Society are hosting the latest Botanic Garden stargazing event from 6pm- 9pm.  Various ‘scopes will be on display giving you the chance to see and discuss for yourself what you might buy. Bring your own ‘scopes as well – especially if you want help and advice with them.

All the action, including a talk, takes place in and around the Great Glasshouse and, given clear skies, you could see our nearest galaxy, Andromeda and see and hear a talk on the subject of ‘Our Nearest Neighbour: the Moon’ by Brian Stokes, chair of the Swansea bishops mead 3Astronomical Society.

The talk starts around 7pm and will be repeated later as required.

In addition, there will be lots of displays and a chance to catch up on the latest news about Pluto and Charon, the Philae lander and the Rosetta Comet, the New Horizons Probe and the newly arrived Catalina Comet.

Access is via the ‘Corporate’ or ‘back’ entrance and admission is £3 for adults with under 16s free. There will be refreshment available.

For more information on Garden news and events, visit email or call 01558 667149.

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