Talgarth Mill receives Silver Prize at World Travel Market Responsible Tourism Awards

We are thrilled to announce that Talgarth Mill have won silver at the World Travel Market Responsible Tourism Awards!

talgarth Mill WTM

They received silver in the Best for Engaging People & Culture sponsored by Audley Travel.

Talgarth Mill award 1 (2) Pic Gez

The proof of the success of this fine restoration of a 200 year old flour mill is not in the pudding, but in the proving. Because the first thing you smell when you come in here is the delicious scent of bread. And five years ago, before the community revived this fine example of artisanal architecture, Talgarth, in the Brecon Beacons region of Wales, was barren and bereft. Now it is baking up a storm. A superb story of heritage saving the day.
Talgarth mill tart_salad_733

After the small welsh town of Talgarth’s hospital, and main employer, closed five years ago, the community didn’t lie down and die. They looked carefully at what they had left, and worked together to restore life into the town, to huge success. Their water mill had gone out of business in the 1940’s and, subsequently into disrepair. With help of community applications for Lottery funding, and a devoted team of over 30 volunteers, they got the wheels turning, the mills milling and bread baking again. It is now one of the Brecon Beacons‘ top visitor attractions, not only for tours of the mill but also for their superb café, baking courses and other events.

The timing was good in fact, with traditional milling and bread making gaining huge popularity again in the mainstream market. And all credit where it is due, in such a short time, the café also won Best Place to Eat in Wales 2015. Which, with a huge local food scene in Wales, is no easy task. The impact of this heritage revival has had a trickle-down effect in the town, which has regained its pride of place, and local shops and pubs have re-opened to cater for visitors who would have just driven past Talgarth five years ago. The Mill also employs seven people, but also depends on its invaluable and dedicated volunteer team. Just as the kitchen is the heart of any home, Felin Talgarth Mill is now the heart of Talgarth’s community.

For more information see the Felin Talgarth Mill website.

Talgarth mill cafe
Best for engaging people and culture awards a tourism business, organisation or initiative that puts the celebration of local people and their cultures at the heart of memorable tourism experiences.

Explained:The Awards are committed to the idea that holidays are better and more enjoyable when they’re organised with the local community and culture in mind, respect is a core value of responsible tourism. The Best for engaging people and culture category seeks to shine a light on the best examples of holidays which involve and celebrate local people, traditions and ways of life.

What the Judges want: Tourism providers with deep, long-standing connections and commitments to the local community, and exciting policies and practices for celebrating local cultures and ways of life.

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