What’s on at Theatr Brycheiniog this Autumn

A new season at Theatr Brycheiniog, a new brochure chock full of beatboxing champions, Max Boyce and Elvis.  We asked Nigel Evans from the Theatr for his round up of what to see this Autumn.   Find the full programme of events here.

Yes, I look at some other entertainment organisations and they’re so tasteful and demure. And that’s fine when you’ve got a niche market but here in Brecon our populous is hugely diverse and they demand accordingly.


Okay, I’m gonna be honest with you. It’s not the real Elvis,I haven’t suddenly gone into raising the dead. The real Elvis really has left the building, this Elvis (in A Tribute To Elvis on September 26) is an electrician from Abergavenny called Keith. He’s good mind. And so far he’s raised £250,000 for local charities. Ah uh uh. That’s Elvis’ catchphrase btw. He performs live with his Memphis Mafia (that’s Memphis in Gwent).  Book your tickets here.

David Starkey knows all about the Magna Carta and tells all on Friday September 25. Quite controversial stuff, limiting the power of the monarchy 13th century style. Sounds like a 1970s heavy metal band but it’s not. Dave may be accompanied by the Magna Carta Mafia. How scary would they be?  Book your tickets here.

Max Boyce photoexpOggy, oggy, oggy – oi, oi, oi! It’s the one and only Max Boyce. Lol, lol, lol! It’s quite easy to diss the great 70s Welsh comedian, singer, songwriter, storyteller as corny and sentimental. However, I revisited his back catalogue recently and he’s more real than anything happening nowadays – in my honest opinion. The Pithead Bath’s A Supermarket Now, Duw it’s Hard, We All Had Doctor’s Papers. All brilliant stories from an age when we didn’t have Facebook sucking us dry of all our free time. An age when people did things together and went on mad, barmy trips to watch rugby and get drunk. I expect Max is teetotal these days, having just had bypass surgery. If you go (Thursday September 17), remember to do the oi, oi, oi bit. It’s traditional.  Book your tickets here.

grace savage 2

Talking of traditional, Grace Savage brings beatboxing to Theatr B on Wednesday September 23.  Book your tickets here

Sorry, I’ll type that again. Talking of traditional, world renowned classical harpist, arranger and composer Catrin Finch performs music from her new album, Tides, on Wednesday October 14. She’s great and I will resist the urge to compare her to Harpo Marx.  Book your tickets here.

Dinosaurs! A couple of weeks back, a couple of blokes turned up at the theatre with an 18 foot long dinosaur. They were here to promote their upcoming show Jurassic Adventures on Wednesday October 28.

Jurassic_Web15_mediumOf course, I’d forgotten they were coming but lied and made a brave face and took them into Brecon town centre to scare kids and grannies. Actually, kids love the T Rex, it’s dogs who are afraid. Check out the film I did for fyi:Brecon here… http://brecon.fyinetwork.co.uk/search%20dinosaur,23396-Dinosaur-roams-free-in-Brecon  Book your tickets here.


Did I mention the new comedy spoof version of The 39 Steps? Black RAT Productions do it on Thursday October 29 and it looks tres fab!

In fact it’s on the cover of our new Autumn brochure.

Get a copy from the theatre box office or the Tourist Information Centre in Brecon. Book your tickets here.

Loads of other eclectic stuff – Abbamania, The Christians and Roachford, Earthfall, Mid Wales Opera, Andy Parsons, Superstars Of Wrestling, The Boyan Ensemble Of Kiev. You lucky people! Visit www.brycheiniog.co.uk to book online or call the box office on 01874 611622.

See the full programme here 

If you’re coming to the Theatr, why not have a pre-show supper at the canal-side restaurant Tipple’n’Tiffin


Relax with a glass of one of our modern style wines and a light dish or two before the show; or stay with us for a heartier meal and enjoy the full range of our carefully chosen menu with something to suit each and every taste.

download (2)

Prepared with fresh, local ingredients, the dishes complement each other and can be combined in a way you choose. It’s a chance to experiment with something new. Or perhaps enjoy an old favourite with a twist. You can share each dish with the rest of your party or keep your plate to yourself – its up to you! We just want you to enjoy your food, your wine and being together.

To reserve a table or for further information, please telephone 01874 611866.

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