Show Your Bike Some TLC!

Hay-on-Wye’s Drover Cycles is aiming to demystify the dark arts of bike maintenance with a series of classes for absolute beginners.

Research shows as many as 41% of people admit to a lack of bike maintenance knowledge.

Drover’s Anna Hewyood said: “Imagine you’re miles from home, cycling your favourite loop and enjoying some rare peace and quiet. There’s not a soul in sight and there’s zero chance of your phone interrupting your reverie – because you’re deep in a reception blackspot.

“It’s all well and good if your bike’s in tip-top condition, and you know how to keep it that way. But what happens if you’re one of the many cyclists whose knees turn to jelly at the thought of a little bike maintenance?

“How would you cope with a puncture? What if your brakes needed adjusting? Or your gears?”

If you’re the type of rider who can’t tell their bottom bracket from their drop-out, or their stem from their spoke tool, fear not: Drover’s head technician Tom Sturdy has designed a bike maintenance course with total novices in mind.

Said Anna: “The facts is, a little maintenance can really help prolong the lifetime of your bike – not to mention help keep you safe when you’re out on your own – and something as simple as adjusting the amount of air in your tyres can make a huge difference to how your bike rides.”

“Most bikes are very simple machines at heart and although some things do vary from model to model, the principles are the same across the board.”

The classes will increase in technicality across the three sessions, which run next month and again in January.

Each two-hour tutorial (10am-12pm) costs £28, or the full course can be booked for £75.

Anna added: “Vouchers are available if you’d like to gift the classes. Dare we say – Christmas is coming!”

Course dates are: 8th, 15th and 22nd November 2014 and 10th, 17th and 24th January 2015.

Contact Drover on 01497 822 419 or via for more info or booking.

For ideas on the best cyclist friendly cafes read here! 

bike maintenance classes poster

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