Adele Nozedar and Great British Sweets at The Hours


© Adele Nozedar

Adele Nozedar is at it again with her latest book, Great British Sweets and How to Make Them at Home being launched at an upcoming event at The Hours!

The Hours Cafe & Bookshop in Brecon will be hosting Adele Nozedar this Friday, 26th of September, at 7:30pm for a sweet introduction to her latest book.

Some of you might know Adele from her previous book, The Hedgerow Handbook, which is about the most common wild plants and what they do. 

A book all about sweets would seem like a far cry from leaves and weeds, but Adele disagrees saying that you can “Take many of our traditional herbal remedies and add sugar, and you turn medicine into confectionery! Think of mint, chocolate, liquorice…get the picture?”

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 15.32.57

© Adele Nozedar

Travelling around the country with her best friend saw the pair tasting all of the best family run confectionary makers wares at their factories and stores. Some of the equipment used to produce these sweets were getting close to 200 years old!

After doing all of the field work, Adele tested out the recipes for the best sweets in the kitchen of the finest country house in the Brecon Beacons, The Gliffaes Country House. 

In her book you will get to explore the folklore that surrounds your favourite confectionary from receiving the death penalty for possession of liquorice to jelly babies originally bing called unclaimed babies!

There’s even an expose on the local company Brays Sweets in Newport supplying the former Soviet union with fart flavoured sweets!


© The Hours

If becoming a master confectioner suits your taste, don’t miss this event at The Hours. Stop by for a coffee and some sweets while enjoying the latest works of Adele Nozedar.

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One Response to Adele Nozedar and Great British Sweets at The Hours

  1. moak87 says:

    Very nice to know more about British sweets.
    I am a real fan of different types of sweets from all around the world, also like to taste the British.
    Best regards

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