You need to ‘B’ at Abergavenny Food Festival 2014

The Abergavenny Food Festival is less than two weeks away and everyone is getting into the festival spirit. Local producers are stocking up, locals are purchasing their weekend tickets and foodies from around the country are preparing for a weekend away.


© Abergavenny Food Festival

The Abergavenny Food Festival, 21st and 22nd of September, is getting ready for another successful year with more local producers and more entertainment than ever before.

With Abergavenny located at the eastern side of the Brecon Beacons, we decided to put a list together the food festival producers and exhibitors starting with the letter B!

Brecon Brewing
Buster Grant, aka one of Wales’ best-known brewers, has created an excellent range of full flavoured, quality cask ales and bottled beers; he established the Brecon Brewery in 2011.

Bakestone Bakery
This brilliant bakery set out on a quest to perfect the recipes for gluten and lactose free steam puddings, muffins and bakestones. No one will miss out on these delicious treats.

The folk over at Bellota really know their ham! The breed of pig and how and where it was raised distinguishes these Spanish hams with these factors influencing the taste and texture of these delectable hams.


© Bellota

Feel confident knowing exactly where your food comes from; this local pie-maker sources all of his ingredients from his own local area. Stop by for a Wild Beaver Pie, a winner at the British Pie Awards.

Butford Organics
This family-owned organic smallholding specialises in cider, perry and preserves. They have been doing a top-notch job producing food in a naturally, nutritious and environmentally stable way since the family moved to Herefordshire in 1999.

Barry Colenso Master Chocolatier
Stellar pastry chef to sought after chocolatier; Barry Colenso has a full resume of delectable delights and a long list of clients. Remember to pick up your selection of delicious chocolates; after all, they’re fit for the Queen!

Now we know how much you LOVE food, but it’s also about the music this year with the Party at the Castle set to go off on Saturday the 20th from 7:30pm to 11pm with a line up of talent musicians. 

7:45pm – The Zen Hussies
A rock and roll romp through musical history with a little swing, ska, rockabilly and calypso mixed in.

9:30pm – Baila la Cumbia
Bristol’s finest purveyors of Cumbia and Latin music from this excellent ten piece band.

The Vintage Tent

7:30pm – Brass Funkies
Ready to play a wide range of funk, jazz, reggae and Dixie on the sousaphone, trombone, trumpet, saxophone and percussion.

8:45pm – Little Rumba
Bringing out the mandolin, guitar, bass and sax to bring you lyrically witter, romantic bohemian tunes.

10:00 – The Zen Hussies
Taking to the stage for a second set of their evolved rock and roll so that no one misses out on the action.


© Abergavenny Food Festival 2013

Pop-up restaurants are literally popping up everywhere and the Abergavenny Food festival is no different. Pop into the stall for La Cave à Fromage, meet the owners of Premier Cheese and sample some amazing French and British cheese, bread and wine.

Make sure you head over to the Abergavenny Food Festival website 
 to get a complete guide and see why they received the award for the Best Event in Wales in 2013!

Make sure you don’t miss out on this years Abergavenny Food Festival, it is going to be the biggest and best yet!






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