10 Reasons Why Green Man is Better Than Glastonbury

So you may’ve heard that Glastonbury starts this week. Yes, we know, the most famous British festival with over 175,000 people turning up to invade Worthy Farm to see some of the biggest names in music.

However, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea as you’re herded like cattle from tent to tent and lucky if you can find a spot of shade when you eventually make it across the 900 acres.

So here’s why Green Man beats Glastonbury this year… 

1. One of the most family-friendly festivals

With the crowds, the mess and the overwhelming noise, parents who drag their kids to Glastonbury are just asking for a hard time. However, Green Man is constantly being praised as one of the most family-friendly festivals due to its manageable size, the facilities available and most importantly the welcoming atmosphere.


Visit Wales ©

Visit Wales ©

2. Location location location

As far as UK festivals go, Green Man‘s backdrop is hard to beat. With mountains as far as the eye can see, festival goers feel as if they’re safely nestled within this green valley as people come from far and wide to enjoy the views as well as the music.

Visit Wales ©

Visit Wales ©

3. Welsh pride

Not only is Green Man a favourite with the locals, the Brecon Beacons community is present in more ways than one. Welsh food, drink and bands are invited back into Glanusk Estate each year. Why not sip a cuppa from the local Cymdu Primary School Tea Stall, bite into a Welsh Venision Centre burger or choose one of the many local ales or ciders, being assured that pennies are being pumped back into Wales.

4. Best Medium Sized Festival 

Each year Glastonbury grows into the size of a small town, so get ready to dash around and undoubtedly lose some members of your team along the way. However, Green Man’s size means you can amble from stage to stage, find friends (and your tent) easily and know that you will bump into eachother again throughout the weekend.

5. No floods

In the years 1997, 1998 and 2005 Glastonbury was hit with severe floods due to poor irrigation systems the land was drowned under downpours. Of course we can expect mud at the Glanusk Estate but acts have never been cancelled due to the weather. If it rains we can just pull on our wellies and carry on enjoying ourselves, with no fear of being flushed out. 

6. One main stage is better than seven

As you follow your strict Glastonbury itineraries to ensure you catch your favourite bands, sometimes you’re too busy running around to actually enjoy each set. With one main stage, there’s little chance you’ll suffer from a band clash so relax and set up your spot for the day. 

Visit Wales ©

Visit Wales ©

7. The ease of exploring

It’s almost impossible to navigate your way around the rows and rows of tents, let alone get out and about into that world beyond Glastonbury. For those that want to explore the area surrounding Green Man, it’s easy to venture out of the site and have a wander around the local towns and villages by foot, bike or bus. Why not make a holiday of it? You can buy a Settler’s Pass ticket and stay for a week, enjoy the National Park, then just relax and wait for the music to start.

8.  It’s one for Mum and Dad, too.

Every year Green Man’s line up doesn’t try to impress, it aims to please. Whatever your musical taste, your age or your dancing ability, the whole family’s invited. This year we’ll enjoy a rich variety once again: The Waterboys contrasted with Polica, Simian Mobile Disco and Caribou adding a youthful edge, plenty of folk (as always) and don’t forget legendary Bill Callahan. 

9. No scrambling for tickets

We’ve all heard the horror stories; hours spent on the phone at 7am behind thousands of other eager Glastonbury goers just desperate to get their hands on one of those £200 tickets. With Green Man it’s easy sailing: there are still tickets available and there’s no need for long forms, queues or deposits (and it won’t break the bank).

10. No Metallica

Yes, the aggressive thrash metal band are headlining Glastonbury this year. We’re sure serious fans can’t wait to hear ‘Creeping Death’,’Harvester of Sorrow’, ‘To Live is to Die’ and ‘Bleeding Me’ (we could go on)  but we’d much rather listen to some mellow folk tunes, thanks.


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