24th May – 1st June: It’s Welsh Wine Week!

I bet you didn’t know that the UK wine industry is booming! Thanks to the warmer climate and some talented British viniculturists there is no need to look to our French neighbours for a high quality bottle or two.

On our own turf is Sugar Loaf Vineyard, and here’s their story…


Along 5 acres of south facing slopes grows 7 varieties of grapes each with their own character to suit all palates. These are available from their online shop from only £4.00 per bottle!

Our favourites have to be:

Madelaine Angevine – a dry-white with a crisp, fruity finish.

Sugarloaf Blush – a new off dry rose with delicious strawberry flavours, perfect for summer!

Hiraeth – a vintage sparkling white wine, a mature taste with full flavours.

You could also enjoy a tour through the vineyard, exploring the fields through the hedges and following the vine rows. The Vineyard Trail is self-guided with no need to book, running from March-October. Or book a whole group for an afternoon of tasting!

For those who want to enjoy a break, they also have self-catering holiday cottages and guests receive a complimentary bottle of wine on arrival.

So support our local businesses and drink up guilt free! Well, almost…

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