Happy St. David’s Day!

It’s time to celebrate everything Welsh!

The Brecon Beacons makes it easy to be proud of Wales. Here’s 5 reasons we love our National Park…

1. We’re got the darkest skies in the UK
It’s nothing new that the Brecon Beacons is only one of five destinations in the world to be granted Dark Sky Reserve status, but we never get tired of saying it. Nor do we get tired of stargazing.

©Michael Sinclair – Brecon Beacons Holiday Cottage Crofftau

©Michael Sinclair – Brecon Beacons Holiday Cottage Crofftau

2. Mountains, mountains and more mountains…
Come rain or shine, snow or sleet, floods or records temperatures, our beloved mountains never fail to stun us whatever the weather.

Brecon Jazz

Brecon Jazz

3. We got some of the best entertainment in the country
From a bundle of walking festivals, the famous Hay Literature Festival for thinkers, the Brecon Jazz Festival for jivers and the Green Man Festival for folkies, top cultural events are non stop throughout the year.

4. Town hopping from one hidden gem to the next
From quaint to quirky, the towns spaced out along the Brecon Beacons are each worth a visit in their own right. Bookworms flock to Hay-on-Wye whereas Brecon holds a fascinating history and lovely local business line Crickhowell’s adorable high street. Not to mention Abergavenny, Llandovery, Talgarth

Hay-on-Wye festival

Hay-on-Wye festival

5. Food, glorious food!
With some of the top restaurants in the country, the Brecon Beacons is a hotspot for foodies from high quality Welsh cuisine to the best homemade Welsh cakes in the land.

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