One Year on From Stargazing Success!

Although it seems like only yesterday we were celebrating the National Park’s Dark Sky Reserve status, today is in fact the one year anniversary. Can you believe it?

We were delighted to announce on the 19th of February 2013 that the Brecon Beacons had become only the fifth Dark Sky Reserve in the world. The award came all the way from the International Dark-Sky Association in the USA who, after analysing the Brecon Beacons’ nocturnal environment at length, decided the National Park deserved the title.

Dark Sky Reserve ©

Dark Sky Reserve ©

The community of the Brecon Beacons had been working hard together since 2011 for this prestigious status; they believe it is important not only to help the environment but to educate too. Now that younger generations are growing up in an acclaimed Dark Sky Reserve they will learn to protect and preserve the area and better understand the affect of pollution on our planet.

To celebrate here are the best places to stay for the most magnificent stargazing spots in the National Park…


1. Granary in the Park 
This converted barn boats some of the best views located at the foot of the Black Mountains .

Granary in the Park ©

Granary in the Park ©


2. The School Annex
On arrival, guests are provided with a stargazing pack: use of a large telescope, binoculars, a planisphere and star gazing guide, compass, torch to protect your night vision, deck chairs, blankets and hot chocolate to keep you warm!

3. YHA Llanddeusant

One of the most remote youth hostels which of course means nothing is getting in the way of your constellation contemplation.

4. Stargazer’s Retreat 

Brecon Cottages have plenty of properties made for stargazing (just ask the office for advice!) but this little cottage even has its own observatory and guests can use the telescope – perfect for astronomy buffs!

Stargazers Retreat © Brecon Cottages

Stargazers Retreat © Brecon Cottages

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