Totally Locally Crickhowell!

Sitting beside the River Usk nestled in the Brecon Beacons, Crickhowell is proof that family businesses work, adding character and  beating big brands and now there’s a video to prove it!



The little high street is dominated by successful local businesses…

Bookish is an independent book shop where the shopkeepers are enthusiastic and eager to find the right paperback for each customer individually who walks through the door.

Grenfell & Sons has now been passed down through three generations, selling fresh fruit and veg in paper bags which can be hand selected by you.

Black Mountain Gold sell homemade chocolates and give real chocoholics the chance to learn from the masters in workshops where participants can learn the tricks of the trade.

Black Mountain Gold ©

Black Mountain Gold ©


Askews Family Bakery are experts in traditional, simple baking. They’ve been doing it for years so it’s no surprise they get it right every time.

Cashells make the most of a region with some of the best farming opportunities in the UK and they are always happy to talk through recipe ideas to help find the right meat for you.

J Hughes sweet shop is like a step back in time with jars and jars of old-fashioned sweets piled up behind the counter, then count them up as they’re poured into steel weighing scales.

Webbs of Crickhowell has been running in the family since 1936 and they cover it all: kitchenware, gardening equipment, furnishings and even jewellery. They are wonderfully attentive to each customer and welcome them back with a smile if there are any problems.

Based in the walking mecca of course Crickhowell Adventure Gear have a slight advantage over the typical high street shop having the famous mountains as the backdrop. Once you’ve stocked up on gear, walking wizard Kevin Walker is available to guide you around the National Park knowing all the best spots off by heart.

Number 18 ©

Number 18 ©


And of course, after all that there’s Number 18 for a real coffee delicately sculpted by the hand of their local, friendly staff.

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One Response to Totally Locally Crickhowell!

  1. Douglas says:

    We always pop to Crickhowell when we are on holiday, great shops and everyone is nice and friendly.

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