Guided Breaks and Walks for 2014…

It is officially 2014 and visiting the Brecon Beacons has never been such an exciting prospect! There’s more choice than ever before on guided breaks in the area, so here are a few slightly different ideas.

Whether you’re looking for a gentle stroll to learn how to understand the terrain or an extreme route up in the mountains, there really is something for everyone…

Something different…

Hawk walks‘ with Mountain and River Activities offer visitors a chance to go for a guided hike and some interaction to experience the Ancient Art of Falconry. This is a great day out and quite a unique experience.

Trips for the mind…

By Sarah Maliphant ©

By Sarah Maliphant ©

Head to the Black Mountains for a break under the guidance of your host and professional Coach and Mountain Leader Sarah Maliphant. Castle Farm makes for a worthy setting to relax and revitalise your mind in a beautiful area. For more information CLICK HERE.

A cultural trek….

By Geo Travel World ©

By Geo Travel World ©

Discover how the Brecon Beacons was formed and learn about the interesting geology of the area with the legendary arctic exhibition leader James Cresswell.

Geo World Travel offers geology walks around the Brecon Beacons and Wales throughout the year. For more information visit the Geo World Travel website.

For the more adventurous sorts…

Take a guided tour through some of Wales’ most exciting cave complexes.  Caving or speleology is the underground exploration of natural or man-made caverns. Caves are one of the most fascinating environments known to man where it’s still possible to participate in original exploration. Adventure Britain offer some insightful days out explore some of the Brecon Beacons most fascinating sites.

Historic hikes…

Discover the facts about the 'Chartist Cave' with Kevin Walker ©

Discover the facts about the ‘Chartist Cave’ with Kevin Walker ©

Expert mountain guide Kevin Walker offers bespoke hiking trips in and around the national park. Customers can choose from a series of themed hikes ranging from basic survival to historic trails around the Brecon Beacons.

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