Artist Profile: Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend


Chris Townsend studied Art and Design at Kingston University and since then has been involved in prestigious projects such as working for the Delia Smith’s first BBC series. He then went on to work for various advertising agencies including branding for huge companies such as Heinz, Boots and Adidas. As well as running the TA2 design company, Chris devotes his time to experimental, hand drawn visuals for events. He also continues to do his own art, such as cartoons, caricatures and oil/ watercolour commissions. He is also a member of the Chelsea Arts Club and exhibits around London from time to time. For his online portfolio go to :

Ravens © Chris Townsend

Ravens © Chris Townsend

1. My favourite view around Brecon was…. from the peak of Pen y fan, sensational, particularly with ravens.
2. The best discovery I made in Brecon wasAbergavenny Food Festival, what a bonus.
3. The best thing I ate in Brecon was….Welsh lamb, in Wales!
4. I enjoyed a nice drink in ….. The George Hotel, very well kept ales.
5. The most memorable moment in Brecon was…. Pony trekking, which I have never done before, a great way to enjoy the countryside.
6. How I would describe the Brecon Beacons in three words….magical, mysterious, marvellous.
7. I would describe the people of Brecon as… some of the friendliest most welcoming people I have ever met.

No. 10 © Chris Townsend

No. 10 © Chris Townsend

8. If I were to return to Brecon with more time I would…. Explore the western area, which I hardly touched.
9. Brecon is a great place for an artist because… dramatic landscape meets amazing light, weather and space.
10. The most surprising thing I found about Brecon was… quick it was to get there from London.
11. Would you come back to the Brecon Beacons and if so why? I fully intend to return ASAP, for all the above reasons, and more.

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