Forage For Food with Good Day Out.

Step outside and sample nature’s larder this Autumn.

Good Day Out invites you to join Adele Nozedar, author of The Hedgerow Handbook, on Sunday 27th October for a leisurely two hour stroll to learn about and collect the edible plants that fill the countryside and then sample some of the harvest.


For those who have become too comfortable with pre-made meals and supermarket imports, why not see what you can find in the wild; without any farming or cultivation, food spring up all around us. Adele will walk you across the countryside and show you the tricks and knacks to reaping nature’s harvest from beechnuts to borage. This is the time of year when chestnuts, blackberries, and mushrooms burst out of the waning greenery and animals of all kinds begin to stock up for winter. What will you find?

This event is brought to you by Good Day Out, the new company providing fun educational and engaging experiences in the Brecon Beacons area. With every Good Day Out experience and gift, a portion of the proceeds goes towards a good cause. For this morning out the good cause that benefits is the Brecknock Wildlife Trust.

Pre-booking is essential at gooddayout or call 01874 749092.

Hedgerow Survey 4 © Keep Wales Tidy

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