A Poem: Autumn’s Cup

Autumn is now upon us and we think that the beauty of The Brecon Beacons is at its peak during this season.

autumn shot

Alexis Dimyan is one of our favourite poets and he calls the Brecon Beacons his ‘Spiritual Home’.

Renowned author and poet, Alexis is often inspired by the stunning countryside and nature that he finds himself surrounded by. An avid walker and lover of nature, Alexis’s personal impressions, poetical vignettes and philosophical explorations are often simple and beautiful love letters to the Brecon Beacons.

To celebrate the official start of Autumn, here is a wonderful short poem by Alexis that we think captures this stunning time of year in the Beacons perfectly:

Autumn’s Cup

Autumnal fire
Lights the Beacons
Splendour rises
For all to see

Autumnal wonder
Covers the land
Earthy riches
For all to touch

Autumnal joy
Bursts with colour
On hills and rills
For all to taste

Autumnal mist
Harbours secrets
Sprinkling treasures
For all to cup.

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