Good Day Out: Crash Sites Remembrance Walk, Observation Night and more

©Michael Sinclair - Brecon Beacons Holiday Cottage Crofftau

©Michael Sinclair – Brecon Beacons Holiday Cottage Crofftau

Good Day Out have just sent us their latest days out, including a stargazing tour which featured in The Times last weekend!

Good Day Out are an experiential activity provider in the Brecon Beacons who encourage unique, educational and fun ways for people to easily engage with good causes whilst helping them to raise money for specific projects. They have an emphasis on local good causes and projects, particularly with an environmental, wildlife or animal sanctuary emphasis. The concept is similar to buying a goat for a deserving community, but in this happy instance, you also get to play with the goat.

Dark Skies Observation Night
This Year the Brecon Beacons national Park become only the 5th location in the world to be declared a Dark Skies Reserve, free of light pollution and perfect for astronomy. So there has never been a better time to get behind a telescope and peer out into the great beyond. This inclusive Night out includes the use of Telescopes and Cameras as well as proper instruction on how (and where) to see the most dramatic celestial bodies.

Increasing levels of light pollution worldwide has become a prominent issue in astronomy, which is why it’s such a privilege to have Brecon protected into the future for the sake of it’s dark skies. Since the announcement stargazers from across the UK have flocked to the national park to get the best glimpses of stellar objects large and small. Take advantage of this natural treasure and come see what all the fuss is about.

Upcoming Dates: September the 28th and October the 26th

World War Two Crash Site Hiking Tour
Take a trip to one of 40 historic crash sites scattered across the Brecon Beacons National Park. The remains of this Wellington MF 509 have stood on the hilltop since 1944, when it crashed due to engine issues. Ex-Military Jeff Calligan will be the expedition leader, and will take you on a tour of some of the most dramatic history of the last 100 years in some equally dramatic scenery.

On the 9th of November come and mark remembrance in preparation for Armistice Day by paying a special visit to this poignant landmark and hear the stories of the men who flew planes just like it across the Brecon beacons during World War Two, including the six men who died in the crash. The stories of the men who flew in these airplanes epitomise the home war effort and are encapsulated in the remains of their plane, and in the memorial erected in their honour.

The site, which remains on the hills above Ystradgynlais in the Swansea Valley is a dramatic and dynamic landscape, and the November weather promises to be blustery and brisk, so wrap up warm and bring a hearty lunch. This will appeal to anyone with an interest in history or hiking and promises to be an interesting and moving experience for everyone.

Music Workshop and Concert with Folksy, Bluesy, Rock Band Rarething
Take out your manuscript and dust off your washboard because RareThing are bringing a special one-off music workshop to Dyfynnog. Stave off the Autumn Blues with… well, some Blues, and join in with these talented multi-instrumentalists in writing a totally new song and the debuting it at the concert later that same day.

Guaranteed to be fun for musicians and non-musicians alike the workshop will focus on how to write music as a band and will allow everyone to try out some of the band’s impressive and eclectic collection of instruments, which includes but is not limited to Keyboards, Guitars, Flutes, Recorders, Violins, Basses and Drums.

If you would prefer to leave the caterwauling to the professionals, then just come along to the evening’s concert where the workshop participants will present their magnum opus and the band will whirl and dance through their repertoire in aid of the St Cynog’s Church Fabric Fund.

Date: Saturday the 21st of November


@Will Lewis Good Day Out Hedgehog Helper Morning

@Will Lewis Good Day Out Hedgehog Helper Morning

Hedgehog Helper Morning
Hedgehogs are a quintessentially British treasure so why not come along and give something back to our prickly pals at Howey Hedgehog Rescue. You’ll get to get up close and cuddly with Wales’ hardest-to-hug critters while providing valuable help in the rescue, care and eventual re-release of injured or sick hedgehogs.

Despite their tough and spiny exterior hedgehogs are at risk from all kinds of perilous conditions, and benefit greatly from professional care. Since 2008 Howie have been taking in hedgehogs and looking after them without funding and has subsisted entirely on donations. The carers have over 10 years of experience and regularly give talks and presentations on Hedgehog care.

The Hedgehog Helper Day allows you to get an insider’s look at this informal but highly competent operation while at the same time helping with the cost of maintaining the shelters, the medication and the feeding of the animals. So come along and join in.

Upcoming Dates: 1st of October.

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