Sheeptember: Sennybridge Agriculture Show

September has suddenly sprung open us but we’re quite happy as it means it’s time for the annual Sennybridge Agriculture Show on the 7th & 8th!

Here’s five things we think you shouldn’t miss on Saturday…

  1. The Gentle Giant Horse Display – These majestic creatures will be putting on a show just for you as they trot or canter around the ring to show off their skills to a thrilled audience.
Sennybridge Show 2011 ©

Sennybridge Show 2011 ©

2. The Parade of Fox Hounds – Dog lovers will not be able to resist watching these pups bounce around, bearing in mind of course they also have a serious side!

3. Horticulture, Domestic and Handicrafts – Come along to browse what lovely creations the local people have produced just for the show – be it delicate flower displays, delicious cakes or handmade jewellery.

Sennybridge Show 2011 ©

Sennybridge Show 2011 ©

4. Brecon Town Band – This wonderful band comprise of 47 who are sure to blow the crowd away with their woodwind, brass and percussion skills. They have even played for the likes of Prince Charles and The Queen, so we are definitely in for a treat.

…and to finish off on the Sunday…

5. Llanelli Male Voice Choir (7:00 pm) – The 48 year old choir have won five National Eisteddfod first prizes and have even performed at London’s Royal Albert Hall. These guys are somewhat Welsh celebrities so you’d be crazy to miss them as they end the weekend with a bang.

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 11.35.26

Sennybridge Show 2011 ©

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