Dogs take a trip underground!

For most of the UK, the heat wave that’s sweeping the country has been met with nothing but complaints. But in the Dan Yr Ogof caves, heat is changing a policy that’s been in place for more than 100 years.

Dogs are now certified visitors to these ancient and beautiful caves.

As Mr. Price, Chair of the National Showcaves for Wales, puts it, “It would be no easy task to find a missing pooch!” But as temperatures rise to 30C, it would not be fair to tourists to ask to them to leave their pet in the car whilst they went into the caves.

Sheep in the Caves © Dan-Yr-Ogof Caves

Sheep in the Caves © Dan-Yr-Ogof Caves

Cool and dark inside, the caves hover around 10C – making both animals and owners very happy to get out of the sun. Owners are asked to have their pets on leashes and to carry “doggy-bags” in case of accidents, but so far- the new policy has been met with steady approval from both tourists and the local community.

It has also started a mass migration of animals to the caves! One child took in her pet hamsters while another tourist carried her cats around in a basket. A local farmer has even left a few Dartmoor lambs in the caves overnight.

“I don’t think cave rescue would appreciate being called out for a missing poodle” continues Mr. Price. In fact, as temperatures drop, the caves will revert back to asking tourists to leave their animals outside with the windows open.

So if any dog has always wanted to visit see the inside of a cave – it’s now or never!

Any further details… check out ShowCavesBlog

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