Art at Treberfydd: The Exhibition of the Year

The 2013 Summer Art Exhibition is on its way to Treberfydd. Ceramics, Painting, Prints, and even Outdoor Sculpture all have their place at this exhibition – where contemporary art is on the rise. With the aim of helping local and international charities alike, Treberfydd House has, for the past few years, put together an art show. Taking down the art that usually adorns their ground floor, the replace it with all kinds of artists – from regional to international standard.

Last year, they even raised £2,400 for charities including the Brecon Baroque Festival, Arts Alive Wales and Peace Direct. Luckily, many of the artists that come to sell their work or charity are very well known, artists like Ivor Davies, President of the Royal Cambrian Academy, and Yang Yongliang from China.

The opening date for the 2013 Exhibition is July 12th, 2013, and it will run through July 26th from 12pm-6pm daily. The house and gardens remain open during the exhibition, so if you’re feeling tired after a long day of art – there’s no better place to relax than the Treberfydd Gardens!

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