A Global Medley Comes to the Erwood Station Craft Centre!

From Saturday, July 6 to the 1st of August, the Erwood Station Craft Centre will be hosting an exhibition from renowned artist Esdaile Hudson FRSA. To celebrate the opening of this exhibition there will be a private viewing on the evening of July 5, running from 6pm to 8.30pm. 

The exhibition is titled ‘A Global Medley’ and will feature a great variety of subject matter from all over the world. Esdaile uses a range of medium to produce his work, using charcoal, pencil, watercolour, oils and acrylic depending on the piece.

Born in India, Esdaile served in the 2nd K.E.O Gurkha Rifles for a decade before attending the Southampton and Plymouth College of Art, studying there alongside other well-known artists such as the late Patrick Larking and Sam Rabin.

By Esdaile Hudson ©

By Esdaile Hudson ©

He has been painting full time since 1973 – which was also the year of his first one-man exhibition – and his work has taken him to many different countries. His pieces include wildlife illustration, landscapes in oil and watercolour, portraits and book illustration.

Esdaile has had his work exhibited across the UK, from the Ibis Gallery and Mall Galleries in London to the Malcolm Innes Gallery in Edinburgh and the Maxwelltown Gallery in Dumfries.

The exhibition is complementary and will close on August 1. Bookings for the private viewing must be made in advance! More details with  mc@erwood-station.co.uk.

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