Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!

Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!”

Although renowned for its rugby heritage the town of Llandovery will ring with cries of Oyez, Oyez, Oyez on the 6th July instead of  Oi, oi, oi.

A total of 14 Town Criers from across the UK – including from Devon, Wiltshire, Gloucester, Somerset, Maesteg and Powys – will gather in Llandovery’s historic market square to compete to be named as the Best Town Crier.

Young Criers © By Sandra Beard

Young Criers © By Sandra Beard

The competition has two cries – the first in their home town, and their second in the Carmarthenshire. Every cry must start with 3 Oyez’s and end with God Save The Queen. The town criers will be judged on the volume, clarity, and inflection of the cries. 

Not only will their cries be scrutinized but there will be a dress judge who will inspect their dress to see if they are the correct historical period.

Crier Group © By Sanda Beard

Crier Group © By Sanda Beard

The Town Criers festival starts at around 10am with a parade through the town accompanied by Brownies and Scouts, before finishing in the Market Square where onlookers can browse from craft and community stalls selling local produce. There will also be vintage cars and steam engines around the town.

Before the adult Town Criers, pupils from the local primary school Rhys Pritchard will take centre stage to perform their own cries. Competition is heating up as a total of 10 local children are busy practising their shouts to win.

The festival is just one more reason to shout about Llandovery, which George Borrow, one of Britain’s earliest travel writers, described as ‘the pleasantest little town in which I have halted’. For more information on why you should Love Llandovery please visit www.lovellandovery.co.uk

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