A Brecon Beacons Poem: “My Pen y Fan”

It’s all about literature in the Brecon Beacons with the Hay Festival taking place this week.  So here’s a wonderful poem by Tanya Jakomis who wrote this after a walk up Pen y Fan. 

My Pen y Fan

The highest mountain in Southern Britain, Pen-y-Fan

The highest mountain in Southern Britain, Pen-y-Fan

Stood at your summit with proud endeavour,
Taking in by your majesty and splendour.
Yours is one of heart stopping beauty.
Many are left in awe of thee.
My place of solace, my 2nd home,
Such inner peace I’ve never known.
How I love to share your grace,
To show many my favourite place.
As a vision you silently stand,
Creating my personal promised land.
How I’d love to wander day and night,
Under sun and bright moon light.
In snow and winds and often rain,
No two walks are ever the same.
In envy of your elegant poise,
You make a statement, yet no noise.
Till my dying day you will always be,
Tucked inside that a part of me.
Taking you where ever I roam,
Being the force that brings me home.
So thank you for those spoken words,
That only you and I have ever heard.
No hill, or lake or beach shall replace,
My Pen y Fan, my magic place.

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