Photographer of the Week in Brecon Beacons

Here are some incredibly crisp photographs of the Brecon Beacons by Neil Mansfield who’s a professional freelance photographer based in South Wales.  Neil loves making evocative photographs of the landscape ( and personal emotional portraits of people (

Neil says:  “I photograph the landscape around me and I am very lucky to be based in South Wales where I can reach the Brecon Beacons, Heritage Coast, Snowdonia and the Pembrokeshire Coast all in less than a few short hours.

I work within the Brecon Beacons regularly not only because it is a breathtakingly beautiful national park, but also because I am a volunteer warden. I am based within the waterfalls area of the park and consider myself a very privileged person to be able to put a little back into a park that I have taken so much from over the years.

Being able to observe the seasons change from the harshness of winter; snow, ice and shivering temperatures, to the mellowing of the land in spring, the sound of nature waking up and the summer months of walking amongst the hills and lowlands and through to the ultimate season for me, Autumn. The way the landscape bleeds its colour palette from a velvia green to a burnt frosty red is a breathtaking treat, halcyon days indeed.”

Neil also runs landscape workshops throughout the Brecon Beacons, please visit my website at for a list of the current workshops available.

I also sell prints, acrylic, canvas and greetings cards, all available through my shop at

Brecon Beacons stream by ©

Brecon Beacons stream by ©

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