Snow & Staying Safe…

So here are some beautiful pictures of the National Park in the snow along with some tips on how to survive on the mountains from the man who’s a bit of an expert when it comes to survival.

Kevin Walker is an enthusiastic mountain addict who has been running training courses and guided walks for over 30 years, as well as photographing and writing about the Mountains and Welsh Heritage.

1. If there’s snow on the ground, you will definitely need an ice axe, and possibly even crampons! The axe is not just as a waking aid, but to stop a slip becoming a dangerous slide.

Mount Troed ©

Mount Troed ©

2. Falling snow will reduce the temperature and the visibility considerably. If it’s sunny, lying snow can cause painful glare. Make sure you take sufficient clothing – and sunglasses!

M Troed_0006_001

3. Most winter accidents are caused by simple slips on easy ground. If it’s icy or slippery at lower levels, it will become more dangerous the higher you climb.

 4. Snow may be pretty to look at, but a slip can easily become a lethal slide, and it’s very difficult to stop once you start. If in doubt, turn back – or gaze in awe at the mountains from a safe vantage point in the valleys.

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