Why a Sheep Festival in Llandovery?

A festival that’s one of a kind…

Wales, a country famous for its beautiful mountains, friendly people, castles and…. a very large sheep population.

Sheep have played a big part in the development of the Welsh economy over the centuries and one place that grew significantly as a result of our wooly friends is the historic town of Llandovery.   As it was a key stopping point for drovers, walking their sheep on route to trade in the cities of England. Many roads throughout the Brecon Beacons started out as drover trails.  Roads with high banks along the sides were built up by the drovers, to stop the sheep escaping.

Llandovery the Drovers and Sheep…
Llandovery was one of the most famous stopping points for the drovers.  During the peak of the Drovers era in the 20th century , there were around 70 pubs in the town which only had a population 2000! In the days when alcoholic anonymous was not around, Llandovery was a very attractive town to live in.

Largest Private Bank of It’s Time Emerges in Llandovery…

Another famous fact about Llandovery was, that, one of Lloyd’s earliest banks was established in the town in 1799.  Originally known at the Black Ox Bank, it was set up by a local drover called David Jones.  The bank had more branches than any other private bank of its period in the county.

Jones decided to set up the bank because of the rise of attacks by highwaymen on drovers on route from London, who would steal all their money.
The Black Ox Bank was so successful Lloyd’s Bank decided to acquire it in 1909.

By the mid 1800s with the rise in railways the Drovers trade started to decline, and the town Llandovery was left to reinvent itself.

Now a days, in Llandovery you’ll find a picturesque, friendly and resourceful town, which is situated, in the far west of the Brecon Beacons National Park.  It’s a place, which offers breaks of escapism.  Keen cyclists come to the town knowing they can cycle in peace with little traffic to disturb them.  Hikers come to the area knowing they will be left in peace to roam the rural lands.
But on September 28th to 30th the towns history becomes alive again to relive the great and proud history of the Drovers and Llandovery’s true heritage.

Join the people of Llandovery, the drovers of the past and of course the sheep, to embrace a weekend of fun, culture and entertainment. There’s loads of foods, lot’s of music, some cider and a few animals to keep everyone entertained for hours… We’re quite sure you won’t regret coming….

The Llandovery Festival takes place in September, to find out more click here…

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