Walk Wednesday… Top 5 Walks of Interest at the Hay Walking Festival….

Take a walk up the Begwns

This weeks we pick five walks that may be of interest to you at the Hay Walking Festival.  Walks are booking up very quickly, so be sure to reserve your place now.

Walk 37 – Outdoors Navigation.  Are you a poor map-reader? Perhaps you rely on SatNav, Google Maps or get South and North mixed up?  Always struggle to find places?…. If you answered yes to one or more of the questions, this is the walk for you!  With the rise of technology, map reading is becoming a dying art.  This walk aims to stop that! Learn some common-sense, old-school map reading in a picturesque area.  Head up to the  Begwns for a morning’s working and learning with Mick Collins from Outdoors@Hay.  Meeting Point is on the Begwns on the Clyro to Painscastle road, park in the lay-by near the 2nd cattle grid.

Walk 32 – Stanner Rocks Geology

Learn about the rocks of the Brecon Beacons…

This is a great walk that offers a professional hike from a well-known Antarctic and Artic explorer and guide.  Take a journey back through time and walk around the oldest rocks in England and Wales. These rocks. famously exposed as Stanner Rocks are 700 million years old and were formed by ancient volcanoes before multi-cellular life had even evolved, and present day Hay-on-Wye was deep in the Southern Hemisphere.  At the end of the walk optionally visit the the Dolyhir quarry where it is possible to find fossils in the younger 425 million year old limestone. The walk is led by geologist James Cresswell, who will give detailed explanations of the rocks and the geological history of the entire Hay-on-Wye region. Optional geological hammer.

Walk 42 – Fungi Walk at Moccas Park.  The Brecon Beacons has an outstanding variety of mushrooms that start to appear in October.  If you know what you’re picking, than you can cook up some very tasty treats after a countryside roam. Mushrooms come in all shapes of sizes so knowing what’s edible and what’s not can often be a bit confusing.   Take a walk to Moccas Park with fungi guru Mr Francis Chester-Master who will give festival goers a master class on fungi. The meeting point is on the B4352 – look out for the Moccas (village) sign (on the left from Hay) and the Moccas Park sign on the right, opposite the white house/cottage.346428. The gate should be open.

Discover the beautiful Herbfarmacy farm

Walk 18 – Tour of Eardisley and a visit to Herbfarmacy.  This gentle four mile walk takes place near the sleepy village of Eardisley, it’s pleasant and showcases the picturesque Herefordshire countryside.  On the way participants get to stop by Herbfarmacy, an organic herb and flower farm that produces skin and beauty-care products.  The tour is an opportunity to give visitors an excellent insight to the art of growing plants that are ideal for your skin. Option for lunch at the Tram Inn before the walk with 10% reduction on menu prices. Join the walk at 14:00 if you don’t want lunch.

Discover Cusop

Walk 27 – Hay & Cusop Archaeology.  The history of Wales stretches back thousands of years; there are rich traces of the past all over the lands.  This walk gives participants an opportunity to discover and learn about the ancient sites in and around Hay-on-Wye.  The walk starts from Hay-on-Wye to Cusop church then a steep ascent over Cusop Hill with a sharp descent to the ruins of Craigau before returning to Hay-on-Wye via Cusop Dingle. A local expert will be on hand to provide insight into the history and the archaeology of the area. Expect to learn a lot with excellent views.

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