Brecon Beacons Shopping Highlight: Trifle Bazaar, Small Online Retailer Starts Up.


**Warning: Some viewers might find content offensive.**

A new online retailer recently started up in the Brecon Beacons.  Trifle Bazaar sell comedy/amusing items, and are launching with a range of Olympic themed t-shirts.

What: Trifle Bazaar, a new business selling amusing paraphernalia.

Some fun t-shirt prints on offer at Trifle Bazaar ©

Who: Jasper Warry – filmmaker, script writer, co-owner of The Dapper Camping Club, and now retail entrepreneur!

A t-shirt sold on the Trifle Bazaar website. ©

Where: Brecon, in the Brecon Beacons

Information: Trifle Bazaar are purveyors of the finest comedy goods! They are launching with a range of t-shirts with an Olympic theme. Their website is, which has more information, and you’ll be looked after by their store manager, Colonel Cripps (a 1940’s bounder, ex-soldier and diplomat who’s been revived from a dodgy rum-soaked prune induced coma in 2012 to run this business!)


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