Felin Fach Griffin Planting & Weeding Day with BBQ & Beer

Felin Fach Griffin Gardening Day

Julie Bell who manages the Felin Fach Griffin tells us about their upcoming garden day.  It sounds like great fun!  Anyone can join in. We’ve popped up a couple of photos from last year’s event to see what you could be in for…  Thanks Julie.

Saturday 5th May sees the return of our “Planting and Weeding Day”.

We are looking for volunteers to help get the organic kitchen garden into shape for the summer. Joe (the head gardener) is on hand to guide us in the right direction as what to pull out of the ground and also what to put in!

Last year saw us start to rid beds of Horse Tail Weed, we are still looking at how we could actually reuse the weed in cooking but it does contain a silicone ingredient that makes it partially inedible.

Felin Fach Griffin Gardening Day BBQ & Beer

We will make a start at 11am with a cuppa to steel ourselves for the day and get our brief from Joe.  We will work through until about 3pm when I will spark up the BBQ. This will of course be sourced from our local suppliers and I will ply you with some local beer as well as a thank you for your hard work.

Joe is also inviting local children to the planting day to plant their own pumpkins and sunflowers which will be judged later on in the year: the sunflowers at the September Tour and the pumpkins in November before the annual Hog Roast where there will be a pumpkin carving competition.

Last year saw about 10 of us working hard, we made a big difference to the garden and got a lot of work done that wouldn’t otherwise have been achieved.

Felin Fach Griffin Vegetable Garden

This day is of course left to the will of the weather. If it is a bad forecast then we will have to reschedule but hopefully the weather will be good.  (last year saw the rain stop at 11.15 and we had a lovely warm spring day)

Please contact us at The Felin Fach Griffin on 01874 620 111 for more details and to register your place or email julie@eatdrinksleep.ltd.uk

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