Fire Safety Message in the Mountains from the Fire Service.

Following a few small mountain fires on the hillside here’s a quick post from the local fire service department.

It really is important to stay safe, respect the land and make sure the emergency service is warned straight away if you spot anything.
But you can do your bit as well.  Fires can be avoided by the public respecting the countryside environment, if you smoke make sure you have fully put out your cigarette and hold onto it, DON’T drop litter which will destroy the natural environment, and finally please respect the countryside and leave it how you found it.  Please pick up your litter

Dry grass and gorse fires are dangerous and costly.

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service are using the emergence of the warm spring weather to remind the public of the dangers and consequences of dry grass and gorse fires during March and April.

Every year the Service sees a huge rise in the number of grass and gorse fires during the spring months. Warm and dry weather conditions mean that these fires can spread very quickly and can often prove difficult to put out, requiring a large amount of resource.

Arson Reduction Team Leader Steven Davies said: “Grass and gorse fires can have a major impact on the community, posing a risk to life and property and destroying wildlife habitats.

“Many of the grass and gorse fires we attend are started deliberately and we want to remind the public that fire-setting is a criminal offence. We work closely with the police to ensure that cases of deliberate fire-setting are investigated fully and, where possible, those responsible are prosecuted.

“A small grass fire can very quickly turn into a major incident, tying up valuable resources. We are asking the public to be vigilant for grass and gorse fires and to consider the dangers and consequences of deliberate fire-setting.”

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service have been visiting schools across the region to educate pupils about the economic and environmental costs of deliberate grass fire-setting. The Service is also providing specialist help and advice for parents concerned about possible fire-setting behaviour in their children.

By Mid and West Wales Fire Service.  

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