South Pole Record Breaker to Tour in Brecon Beacons

Felicity Aston has become the first woman ever to ski across Antarctica solo.  She completed her journey Monday morning, after pulling two sledges for 59 days across 1,084 miles of ice and snow.
Her aim was to complete the trek by the 26/1/2012 which she beat by 3 days.  The expedition was not just about setting records it was also about instilling a spirit of adventure, aspiration and innovation. Her trek can be seen on:

The Brecon Beacons is lucky enough to be hosting her in Hay-on-Wye where she will be giving presentations about her experiences – about sheer survival and solitude. Her talk will be at The Swan Hotel, Hay-on-Wye on the 1st of Match; Eardisley village hall on the 2nd of March and Hereford Courtyard on the 3rd of March.   Felicity was last in Hay-on-Wye as a special guest for the first ever Hay Walking Festival. Her success has attracted the attentional of global media.

A bit more about Felicity Aston…

Felicity Aston led the Kaspersky Lab Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition, the largest and most international women’s team ever to ski to the South Pole. The team included women from Brunei Darussalam, Cyprus, Ghana, India, Jamaica, Singapore, New Zealand and the UK in the 38-day, 900km journey at the end of 2009. Felicity was responsible for selecting and training this diverse, multicultural team of ‘ordinary’ women for one of the most arduous journeys on Earth. Her book about the expedition, ‘Call of the White: Taking the World to the South Pole’ was published in March 2011.

Previously, Felicity has led several other notable expeditions including the first British women’s crossing of Greenland, a 700km winter crossing of Lake Baikal in Siberia and an adventurous expedition in Iceland for young people with a brain injury. She was also part of the first, ever, all-female team to complete the Polar Challenge, a 360-mile endurance race to the magnetic north pole.

Trained as a Physicist and Meteorologist, Felicity’s first polar experience was as a scientist with the British Antarctic Survey. Based for three years on a remote research station on the Antarctic Peninsula, her job was to monitor climate and ozone. Visit her website.

Dates of events 

The Swan will be the venue for one of Felicity's talks

1/3/12 – The Swan Hay. 7.30.  – Introduction/Call of the White/interval/ recent expedition. Tickets £6.50 (available from 01544327598 or
2/3/12 – Eardisley village hall. 7.30. Format as above. Tickets £5.00 (available as above)
3/3/12 – Hereford Courtyard Theatre. 7.30.  Available from box office – 01432-340-555.
For more information on the event please contact or 01544327598 or the venue.

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