Are the Brecon Beacons Haunted…..?

The Brecon Beacons censored files have been opened……

It’s hard to say whether the Brecon Beacons is haunted or not, we do believe some places are, especially when the oldest pub in the area has had plenty of ghostly sightings after 180 people were hung in it.

There have also been a few unlucky and sad deaths on the mountain tops,  including some aircraft crashes. As well as the tragic death of Tommy Jones, a 5 year old who lost his way on route to his grandparents house, whilst walking from the Rhondda Valley to Cwm Llwch Farm.

There have been plenty of skirmishes along the borders on the Black Mountains, Offa Dyke and Wye Valley,  dating back from Roman and Norman times, when the invaders struggled to suppress the locals. A Norman baron who was on a pilgrimage was once horribly murdered in the Llanthony Valley by a group of local men who were looking for revenge on a friend that had been killed a few months before by the Normans.

So here’s five confidential pictures given to us, that we’ve decided to show you for Halloween…..

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2 Responses to Are the Brecon Beacons Haunted…..?

  1. Christopher Williams says:

    What about the Tal-Y-Bont ghost train

  2. Christopher Williams says:

    The first photograph is the Tommy Jones marker or memorial where is body was found. It really is an eerie place but very beautiful. It is also worth visiting waterfall country near the village of Ystradfellte which also has many ghost stories and witches and even some to do with King Arthur. Check out near by Penderyn with has Wales only whisky distillery and again a hunted pub.

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