Powys Arts Month

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News in from Henry Widdicombe, Powys Arts Month Coordinator…..

Powys Arts Month launched on the first of October and will host over 80 events across the county. This is your chance to visit artists as they work in their studios, attend special exhibitions and performances and take part in numerous workshops and activities. All of the events centre around the arts and arts practitioners in Powys and are a celebration of the cultural diversity of the County.

To get all the details on what’s happening where during Powys Arts Month you can visit www.powysartsforum.org.uk . The website has numerous ways of searching for events including by date, location or artist. You can also browse the brochure at you leisure as an e-book or download and print out your own copy. The printed programmes have been distributed throughout the county and beyond so look out for your copy as it will act as your guide throughout the month.

Powys Arts Month is a Powys Arts Forum project that has been funded by the Arts Council of Wales and Powys County Council. Lucy Bevan, Senior Arts Officer for Powys County Council said “Collaboration  and partnership working is at the heart of Powys Arts Month and it is impressive to see that all the hard work of the forum and participating artists is coming to fruition in such a spectacular series of diverse events. Both the website and programme have been produced to an exceptionally high standard showcasing the extremely talented artists we have in the county beautifully.”

Powys Arts Month coordinator Henry Widdicombe said “it’s great to be at the start-line of such a great month of activities. The artists are all very excited about welcoming visitors to their events, and it’s the culmination of a lot of hard work for the Powys Arts Forum.”

Visit the website www.powysartsmonth.org.uk to plan your month and see how many events you can take part in.

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